‘Shotgun Wedding’ Review: Til Silliness Do Us Part

Shotgun Wedding is a rom-com audiences may want to say “I do” to once…but probably not forever. Read all about it in our review!

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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Marry Me’ Set To Premiere On Peacock & In Theaters Valentines Day Weekend

We stan a studio that knows we’d rather watch a rom-com from our couch for valentines and not head to the theater.

See The Trailer For ‘Marry Me’ Starring Jennifer Lopez & Owen Wilson

#MarryMe looks really good, but we love #JLo in a rom-com. Owen Wilson.. meh.

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Don’t Care If It’s A PR Stunt, GIVE US BENNIFER!

Stop pissing in #Bennifer stans cheerios. We don’t care if it’s a publicity stunt. Bennifer > Batfleck.

Lenny Kravitz Is One Of Many Added To Cast of ‘Shotgun Wedding’

#ShotgunWedding got my attention cause of #ArmieHammer. But it’s retained my attention with his recast and this casting.

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#WayBackWednesday – Anaconda (1997)

When I was a middle school kid, I begged my mom to take me to see Anaconda. My mother, having quite the aversion to snakes, flat out refused. I had a fascination with snakes and movies with giant snakes, despite…

Ranking JLo’s Romantic Comedies From Worst To Best

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