What we wouldn’t have given a month ago to have access to the Time Ship in order to travel forward a month and get our beloved Timeless back. There’s been a serious piece of my heart missing with Timeless on winter break. One that couldn’t even be cured with sweetsRead More →

NBC has released a series of promotional images in preparation for the new episode titled “The Forecaster”. It looks like this will be an episode that returns to the “case of the week” format rather than focusing on the mythology of the show. So much time has been spent onRead More →

It’s no secret that Chicago P.D. has been one of those shows that can push the envelope. There are just come cases that are that insane. There are just some revelations that are too crazy to not contemplate to the point where your head is throbbing; to the point whereRead More →

Ernest Hemingway is coming to Timeless! TVLine was the first to report that Brandon Barash, better known for his recurring role on Major Crimes as Detective Robby Oderno, and for his role of Johnny Zacchara in General Hospital, will appear in the time travel drama during the February 6th episode, and heRead More →

The first trailer for Powerless is here and, we’re not gonna lie, that looks like a whole different show than the one we got to screen at San Diego Comic-Con. Completely different. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t have to be. It still has the same actorsRead More →

After a short hiatus, The Blacklist returns tomorrow night with Lipet’s Seafood Company, the first episode since the fall finale. The trailer promised an action packed episode in which it will be revealed which member of the team has been a mole all along, and the promotional photos reinforce this.Read More →

Something that Chicago P.D. has shown us over the years is how close they come to not discovering certain cases that they inevitably solve. Those families that live in the world not knowing what happened to their loved ones. But it’s episodes like “Don’t Read the News” that show usRead More →

“You never heard of Lucy and Wyatt?” After this episode everyone will have. Timeless has an incredible way of choosing the perfect moment in history and weaving the perfect storyline around it. Of course this week’s focus centered around Lucy and Wyatt as they were on the run with theRead More →

Every time we think we’ve got this show figured out, every time we say, oh, this is what they’re doing, this is who these people are, we get them now, we know what’s coming, Timeless flips the script and shows us that this show – these characters – are notRead More →

When it comes to relationships there’s nothing more important than trust. And for our Time Team, that trust was broken in last week’s episode of Timeless when Lucy and Rufus’ secrets were revealed. “Stranded” did a very good job of addressing the multiple issues at hand. Of course they wereRead More →

Tonight’s, “Dr. Adrian Shaw” is the second to last episode before the fall break. We all know that The Blacklist gets crazy leading up to and during every finale, so we can expect intense episodes tonight and next Thursday. Last week, we finally saw Agnes returned safely home, and KirkRead More →

Are you ready for more Timeless? Because we’re getting more! (Though maybe not as much as we wanted – we’re greedy, after all) The show – which has just aired five episodes so far – has been granted a full season pickup by NBC, which in this case means 16Read More →

With each episode of Timeless, audiences are not only transported to significant moments in history, but they’re also gifted with the exploration of the human spirit. We get personal with these moments that we’ve read in our history books that is unlike anything we’ve experienced to this magnitude. It’s oneRead More →