Simone Biles Reflects Back On The Olympics

Mental health is something that is so often overlooked. It’s something that is so important and something that we shouldn’t overlook – as it’s equally as important as physical health. I’ve spent my life battling mental illness, which over the…

Simone Biles Will Compete In The Beam Competition Finals At The Tokyo Olympics

USA Gymnastics has announced that #SimoneBiles will be competing in the beam finals at the Olympics. No matter what happens, we’re so proud and inspired by her.

Michael Che and That Joke About Simone Biles Makes Him a Garbage Person

SNL’s Michael Che went ahead and shared a joke about Simone Biles and her POS abuser and we’re not here for that garbage.

Simone Biles Addresses The Love & Support She’s Received From Around The World

Simone Biles addressed the love & support she has received last night on social media. She’s a class act and we love her.

Justin Bieber Praises Simone Biles Olympic Decision, As WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING

Justin Bieber sends his love and support to Simone Biles, and we applaud. She needs support now, not judgement. We love you Simone!

Simone Biles is the GOAT and Twitter Knows It, Again

Simone Biles is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). She was before the Tokyo Olympics and she will be afterwards. After a great performance to qualify, with a couple bumps along the way, Twitter rallied around Biles due to her…

Simone Biles Had A Familiar DWTS Help With A New Floor Routine

Simone vs. Herself is a great watch (even though we hate FB). See who helped her choreograph her latest routine. It’s a name you may recognize

What to Watch: Simone vs Herself

Simone vs Herself is now available on Facebook Watch, and it should fill your quota of content from the GOAT before the actual Olympics

Simone Biles Blows Us Away Again

We never want to get used to Simone Biles blowing us away with her magic. We never want to take what we’re seeing for granted.

You’re Not Appreciating Simone Biles Enough

No matter how much you appreciate Simone Biles, trust us, you’re not appreciating Simone Biles enough considering what she’s doing.

Simone Biles Responds To One Million Moms Petition Over Uber Eats Commercials

some people baffle me with their stupidity. one million moms is one of those groups that does just that.