Supernatural Season 12 Promo: Rick Springfield, Mama Winchester & Captured Sam

Rick Springfield has finally arrived! With the new promo for Supernatural Season 12, we get a glimpse of Lucifer’s shiny (well not really shiny) new vessel. And while we’ll miss Mark Pellegrino, we’re looking forward to Lucifer’s time as rock star Vince Vincente.

Also in the promo, we get more of Sam being tied up and not in the fun way. The British Men of Letters are set to be a pain in the ass and Mama Winchester, aka Samantha Smith, is up to the task. She’s going to be adjusting to life in 2016, being a hunter, and having to look after two adult children. This isn’t the life that she wanted for them but she sure as hell is going to make sure that they survive it. British Men of Letters better watch out!

We’re looking forward to confrontations between the current King of Hell aka Crowley vs the previous king Luci aka Lucifer. Crowley’s bound to have jokes about the new hair, clothes, and makeup that the fallen angel is sporting. Kind of not looking forward to figuring out why Dean is beat up and in chains. These boys do get in a lot of trouble, don’t they?

Better prepare your tissues now. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Check out the trailer below (which features Rick Springfield & our moose):

Supernatural is moving on over to Thursday nights when it returns October 13th at 9/8c on The CW.

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