Designated Survivor Review: Trust No One Cause People Are Cray

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Politics. It’s like – do you want to be frustrated? Then pay attention to politics. Well, we are paying attention in real life and we’re paying attention on Designated Survivor. The series returned tonight after the hiatus and it can in with a bang. Literally.

We left off before the hiatus, knowing that someone was going to take a bullet. So who took the bullet? Well that would be President Kirkman. I am not shocked, but I am thrilled that it went straight through. I mean if you are watching Designated Survivor, you know that this world has been through way too much.

Let’s break down this episode.


The man was shot and he’s worried about how to stabilize markets. He’s worried about what is going on. He is selfless and amazing and a true leader. But, the thing is that he believes in too many people and I am pretty sure that he is trusting the wrong people. Mainly – his Chief of Staff. I don’t like Aaron and it’s not just because he took the job I wanted Emily to have.

See, we know that a call came from his office before the capital bombing – so hey, it could be him. Then again – it seems too easy so we could be wrong. BUT – with all evidence pointing that way, I am not ready to not suspect Aaron.

Anyhow, the President has bullet fragments lodged in his chest, but I am thinking that there is something more to that. The Vice President is fucking insane. But now that the President has to go under, they have to invoke the 25th. Ummm… guys, I don’t think that the VP is going to give up the presidency once he has it.

The President knows that something is up – so he calls the Speaker of the House in. Having to invoke the 25th is a big deal, and we need to keep an eye on MacLeish. The President asks the Speaker to keep an eye on the VP. Someone needs to take his ass out.

Ok – so the President goes under. Surgery. Did you really think that this was going to go well? Sure at the beginning there is no news, but guys – someone wants him gone. We know that. So how big does this conspiracy go? I am really confused.

When Mrs. Kirkman is having her flashbacks – my heart goes out to her. Guys – I love these two together. I really do. BUT – can we trust her? Yes, I am all sorts of paranoid over who to trust on this show. I feel so bad for Mrs. Kirkman – she’s of course going over everything that has happened. But then again – don’t we all do that?

I’d like to tell you that I was shocked there were issues with surgery. But that’s drama people. It may have lasted a minute, but that’s all it takes. The Kirkmans have been through enough.

Gotta say President Kirkman looks pretty good for after surgery. Nice color. Whomever the makeup artist is – she does a great job at making people not look ghostly after having their rib cage cracked.

He wants to know what is going on. Mrs. Kirkman lets him know what MacLeish is up to. He’s of course pissed and wants to protect the world. He revoked the 25th amendemnt. And Seth is letting the world know what is going on. The PResident makes it to his window to let the world know he’s okay.

Not gonna lie – I teared up. Who knew I had human emotion.


Guys – Hannah Wells is the only sane person. She is the only person that has the brains to figure out what is going on. She knows not to trust anyone. She knows that there is a traitor somewhere and they have been ahead of her every step of the way.

Mike (the President’s Secret Service) shows up to question Hannah. Guys – I like Mike. I do. He’s been with the President forever, and I am thinking he can be trusted. BUT then again, he seems to innocent. Maybe he’s shady. Hannah isn’t answering anyones questions. She will only talk to the President. That may be a little hard.

Mike comes back in and tells Hannah that he’s in surgery, that he had to invoke the 25th. I am not shocked that Hannah is freaking out. Yes, I don’t trust Mike (really don’t trust anyone) but Hannah you need help. We gotta pick someone to believe in.

Mike keeps asking the questions and he can tell that she knows something. But Mike knows that she’s scared and has on the back of a photo, “Let me help you.” Hannah attacks Mike – but it’s to tell Mike what is going on.

YES HANNAH! You made a choice. But yes, still don’t know if we trust Mike.

So Mike heads to Hannah’s cohorts house – cause Hannah told him to. Mike is trying to help Hannah. I totally want to believe him – I do. But I have been fooled before. Sorry guys, it’s the women of Designated Survivor that are kicking ass. Mike finds out that the shooter is connected to the VP.  I look at his face and for a second – I am regretting all my distrust in Mike.

I said it. I went there. I may be wrong. BUT – if you watch Designated Survivor, you know – we need to live and die by the trust no one theory.

Mike returns to the hospital and brings Hannah Wells in. He clears the floor -and sneaks her in. I may be standing up and cheering right now. Mic Drop!


Now, I would like to say Peter MacLeish is only half way insane – but he’s got some pretty fucked up shit going on. However, I would like to tell you that he has no fucking balls, because he seems to be lead by his wife yanking on them. We know that he has something to do with the capital bombing and the President getting shot. But it seems like it’s something his wife wants more than he does. There is something more there, but I am not sure what.

I need Hannah to be free and get his ass. I really haven’t hated a character so much in awhile.

MacLeish looks as happy as a man that got his first blowjob knowing he’s the Prez for a bit. He’s a piece of shit. He’s trying to hide it – but I see it. But if that’s the case, I hope he gets crabs.

Anyhow, MacLeish is paranoid. But again, he’s being lead by his wife. He couldn’t make a choice that was his own if it killed him. BUT – I am beginning to think that Aaron is involved with him. MacLeish is making all the wrong choices. He doesn’t want to close the markets. Of course he doesn’t. SHADY. He wants it to crash. BUT WHY! WHY?

He heads into the Oval and the Speaker wants to know what the fuck he is thinking. I fucking love that she calls his ass out. Yes, call his ass out. MacLeish is crap. She lets him know she’s not afraid to go public, but ummm… that may not be smart cause he’ll take your ass out.

So, they’ve found the suspect, and MacLeish gives the order to take out the shooter. Umm, Aaron tells him that Kirkman wouldn’t want that. MacLeish is of course fighting bringing him in alive, because he’s covering his own ass. But you can see that everyone knows something is up.

Target neutralized. Someone needs to neutralize MacLeish and his wife. I think she escaped from a mental ward. She’s all about killing people and removing people. I am all about someone kicking her ass.

The Dow plunges. So MacLeish’s wishes are coming true. But why? What is this piece of shit up to?

I take joy in watching MacLeish loose his mind internally. I will take more joy in watching someone find him out.


Like, girl… shit she deserves hazard pay. Girl has not really caught a break all season. She’s just a girl trying to make her way in the old boys club and it’s not going the way she wants it to. But what she doesn’t see is that the President has faith in her and she’s in the perfect position to neutralize the situation.

But who can she trust?

The thing is – Emily is put into all these uncomfortable positions and it worries me. Like who is taking advantage of her. Or is this something that she’s carefully orchestrating. GUYS YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE ON THIS SHOW!

But I want to trust in Seth and Emily. I love how they are so vigilant and supportive of the Kirkmans. I love that they are amazing people. I will be devastated if they end up being someone we can’t trust.

Emily is running the White House – like she should – when Aaron calls her into a room. He knows that Emily has been looking into him. He wants to know what is going on. She says it’s a miscommunication and then she “is not at liberty to discuss.” Girl needs some wine and some Xanax – because people are expecting too much from her. I mean it’s enough that she’s expected to walk around in those heels (sorry, feet hurt today, so I am projecting).

I feel like every time we look at Emily – some people are expecting her to be weak and she’s not showing exactly how fierce she is. But she’s like strength – pure strength.


  • The women of Designated Survivor are fierce.
  • You can trust no one on this show.
  • Every time you think that you can trust someone, they will surprise you.
  • The VP and his wife are INSANE.
  • Kirkman is an amazing President.
  • I need next weeks now.

PERSON WE TRUST THE LEAST: Anyone with the last name MacLeish


Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays on ABC.


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