American Gods Debuts Low Key Lyesmith Clip and Extended Production Video

War is coming on Starz American Gods. With the Old Gods being phased out and losing their power, they’ll do anything to get back what they’ve lost. In anticipation of this upcoming war, Starz has released two new videos teasing at Low Key Lyesmith and an extended production video with behind the scenes goodness.

Low Key Lyesmith, played by Jonathan Tucker, is a philosophical individual Shadow spends time with inside prison. Wiry and fast talking, with an offbeat sense of humor, he has a theory for everything.

In the clip below he gives Shadow some advice to prepare him for the world outside.

In “A Storm is Brewing”, Neil Gaiman (creator/author), Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon), Bryan Fuller (executive producer), Michael Green (executive producer), and Bruce Langley (Technical Boy) give you an extended look into the highly anticipated series. They talk about the storm brewing and why the Old Gods are so hell bent on fighting.

This adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book tells the story of Shadow Moon, an ex-convict, who experiences a tragedy just as he’s being released. A mysterious encounter sets him off on a cross country road trip with Mr. Wednesday, a con man who knows a little too much about Shadow. Before he knows it Shadow’s embroiled in a battle between the Old Gods and the New ones that have emerged in America.

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30 at 9/8c on Starz.

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