‘American Gods’ Not Attending San Diego Comic-Con 2017

American Gods will not be attending San Diego Comic-Con according to Deadline. The show will be blowing full steam ahead into Season 2 territory and won’t have the time to attend the world renowned convention on all things TV, movie, comics, and more.

Here’s the excerpt from Deadline:

DEADLINE: More immediately before us, are we going to see all of you down in San Diego at Comic-con next month?

FULLER: Alas, the American Gods are not doing anything in Comic-Con this year because we’re going to take some time to make the show rather than talk about it.

DEADLINE: You know, after the big splash you guys made last year, that’s going to be a disappoint to the fans of both of yours, of Neil and especially now that the show has actually been on …

FULLER: Yeah, we’re disappointed, too. We love Comic-Con and we love going down there and sharing the show with the audience. We feel like we make the show, for that crowd, so to meet them and get to say thank you is always fun and meaningful because they’ll let you know when you’re not doing it right.

Last year American Gods blew fans away with a full panel, trailer, and stand with a buffalo that fans could take a picture with. This year Outlander is set to return in American Gods spot with a panel and autograph signing. And if you’ve got deep pockets make sure to check out CharityBuzz. They are bidding two VIP tickets to the panel and signing. Current bid is $8,000!

How are you feeling about American Gods skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

American Gods has already been renewed for a second season and is predicted to return to Starz in 2018.

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