‘Supergirl’: 15 Times Mon-El Proved He's a Supportive Boyfriend

When it comes to romance, there’s nothing better than a supportive couple. Where despite their individual faults, they still manage to find the importance of being in a relationship: support.

Perhaps my favorite romance last season was the relatable and beautiful dynamic between Supergirl’s Kara and Mon-El, which brought to life a love that is realistic in its highs and lows.

Love isn’t perfect. No relationship is perfect. There are times when you get into a screaming match with your loved one, saying things you don’t mean. It’s because love is rooted deeply in emotion — emotions make you do and say crazy things. But at the core of it, there’s a genuine caring that makes love — with all of its ups and downs — worth it in the end.

Both Kara and Mon-El have been incredibly supportive of each other in their relationship — both before they took the step into romance and after. But for some weird, anti reason, people haters try to say that Mon-El is abusive, which is not only ridiculous but insulting to those people that have actually been in a relationship with someone who is actually emotionally and/or physically abusive.

Mon-El, while imperfect (which is why I admire him), is someone that has always had Kara’s best interests at heart. Even when he was consumed by intense jealousy — an emotion we’ve all felt in our lives, so how dare people criticize him for it — it was because he wanted to be the best person for Kara. His love for her, and this brand new emotion of jealousy, overtook him.

Mon-El has proven time and time again that he was — and when he returns this season, will continue to be — an incredibly supportive boyfriend. Whether it’s gestures of support or words of support, Mon-El will support Kara until his dying breath.

Here are 15 times that Mon-El has proven that he’s an amazing, supportive boyfriend to Kara:

1. That time Mon-El was there for Kara because she needed a pillar of support.

Sometimes, a person just needs a shoulder to lean on. They don’t need spoken words or grandiose gestures. Sometimes, you just need someone that you care about — that you know cares about you — to just be there. Mon-El is that person for Kara.

2. That time Mon-El told Kara that her happiness is enough to make him happy.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re a team. You’re a pair. What happens to your partner affects you, both good and bad. But seeing your partner happy is enough to infuse happiness into yourself. Kara’s happiness is enough to make Mon-El happy. There’s nothing he cares about more than Kara’s safety and happiness.

3. That time Mon-El told Kara she has so much to offer the world.

When someone tries to put you down, it’s easy to feel like they’re right; that you’ll never amount to anything. But it makes all the difference in the world when the person you love is there to tell you otherwise, to tell you that you are special, that you are worth it. Whether it’s Snapper Carr or someone else trying to belittle Kara, Mon-El isn’t going to stand for it. He’ll always be there to remind her how much she has to offer this world. And nothing anyone says otherwise will change that.

4. That time Mon-El praised Kara’s morality.

When you’re faced with an impossible decision, it’s easy to question whether you’re making the right decision. That slight chance that you’re wrong can weigh on you. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you of who you are and what you believe in. When Kara doubts herself, Mon-El is there to remind her that her judgement can always be trusted. That she should trust her gut.

5. That time Mon-El supported Kara’s mistake.

People make mistakes. Humans, aliens, it doesn’t matter. Mistakes are to be expected, but it doesn’t make it feel any less disheartening. Sometimes it’s just good to hear someone tell you it’s okay. It’s okay to mess up. The world will keep turning. Even Supergirl needs that sometimes. And it’s nice to see Mon-El step up in those moments.

6. That time Mon-El defended Kara to his mother.

There are ways to support your partner even when they’re not standing next to you. Mon-El faced that moment when his mother was disrespecting and talking down Kara. It took every fiber of his being not to scream it — although, he did raise his voice because he’s that passionate about how much Kara has made him a better man. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. He will always fight to be a better version of himself because of what she’s inspired within him.

7. That time Mon-El made Kara breakfast.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten your day. And it doesn’t even have to be because you’re having a rough day. Small acts of kindness go a long, long way. Say, making breakfast for your girlfriend, that includes poached eggs and BACON. Mon-El knows how to make his woman happy.

8. That time Mon-El spoke truth about the world needing to be more like Kara.

Sometimes it’s hard to always recognize the good within ourselves. So it’s nice when you have someone who is able to remind you of what good you contribute to the world. Mon-El couldn’t have been more right when he told Kara that the world needs more people that are optimistic and brave.

9. That time Mon-El brought Kara takeout when she wasn’t feeling well.

Everyone has those days when you’re not feeling your best, whether it’s because you’re sick or you’re just having a horrible day. Small acts of kindness really do make a difference. Get yourself someone who will bring you your favorite Chinese takeout when you’re not feeling well. Nicely done, Mon-El.

10. That time Mon-El supported Kara’s decision to release the lead on Earth.

Sometimes there are more important things than your own happiness. Sometimes you have to give up what you want most because it’s the right thing to do. So while Mon-El knew that he would be forced to leave Kara, he still supported her decision to release the lead on Earth because this was so much bigger than him — it was about Earth as a whole. There was no ill will, only understanding. That is being supportive.

11. That time Mon-El praised Kara for her courage.

There is always something you can learn from those you love and those you grow alongside. Getting that praise, that acknowledgement is something that can definitely brighten your mood while also inspiring you to keep moving. From the start, Mon-El has looked to Kara for guidance. She’s taught him, inspired him to be the best version of himself. So when Mon-El praised Kara for her courage — and how he learned his own from her — it was the kind of thing that brings a smile to your face.

12. That time Mon-El supported Kara wanting to spy on Lena’s ex-boyfriend.

Sometimes your significant other has some rather odd requests. But get yourself someone who will stand by your side even if they have no idea what’s happening. When Kara wanted to spy on Lena’s ex-boyfriend, Mon-El offered his help — and the two make a pretty kickass detective team.

13. That time Mon-El praised his girlfriend for kicking ass as Supergirl.

While accomplishing things are enough to inspire yourself from within, it’s always good to hear your partner singing your praises. So it was nice to see Mon-El singing Kara’s praises as Supergirl and being all — “That’s my girlfriend, look at how awesome she is.” It’s just too cute.

14.  That time Mon-El tried to comfort Kara during a time of immense heartbreak.

How hard is it to comfort the love of your life as you feel your heart absolutely shattering? It takes real strength, real love to be able to do that. Mon-El was very unselfish in how he tried to comfort a distraught Kara as the pair were forced to say goodbye. He said the words he needed to say, what he thought she needed to hear. And it was absolutely emotional to watch.

15. That time (and all the past and future times) Mon-El was/will be there for Kara.

When it comes to those you love, it’s not just about them saying they have your back — you need to feel like they always have your back. Mon-El has proven that he’s someone who will go out of his way to be there for Kara. He wants her to know — and she does know — that he will always be there for her. Even when he’s not physically with her.

Supergirl returns for season 3 on Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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