'Timeless' Season 2 Premiere: 12 Moments We Can’t Stop Talking About

It’s truly unbelievable that NBC even thought about cancelling the brilliant gem that is Timeless. It’s beautiful storytelling, complex characters, the jaw-dropping twists, and the mythology that has made Timeless a show that is truly captivating.

Timeless’ first season was brilliant. Which is why it’s hard to believe that after one episode that season 2 has taken it to the next level. The season 2 premiere, titled “The War to End All Wars,” was easily the best episode of the series. It was simply stunning. It had me clasping my hand over my mouth the entire time and slapping the window (I was headed out of town with family when the premiere screener was released) every time something big happened. Which was often.

This episode reminded me why I love Timeless. It reminded me why so many others that haven’t had a chance to see it yet would love it. It proved that this show has already gotten substantially better after already being outstanding. It also served as a reminder to NBC to not even dare ignore this show come season 3 renewal. We’ve brought it back from the dead once. We’ll do it again.

Here are 12 moments from Timeless’ season 2 premiere that we can’t stop talking about:

1. Wyatt comforts Lucy in the Bunker (aka “You Haven’t Lost Me”)

There are no words to describe my Lyatt feels in this episode. But this scene between Lucy and Wyatt encompassed everything that I love about them and everything I’ve been waiting patiently yet anxiously for. Lucy and Wyatt are always there for each other. To talk. To just be there. Their presence is a comforting thing to each other. So watching Lucy break as she discussed killing an innocent man and losing “everything” — and watching Wyatt hold her as she cried and telling her “you haven’t lost me,” I was a heaping mess of emotion. Then came the almost kiss (I love you, Jiya, but damn it girl). I had a near death experience, folks. I cannot wait to see these two finally have that moment. Not where they pretend to be in love and kiss. But where they actually kiss and admit their feelings for each other. Their journey is so beautiful, and I can’t wait for more.

2. Lucy was willing to kill herself to take out Rittenhouse

It’s amazing what losing the people you love will do to you. It’s amazing how your thought process changes when everything is taken from you. We saw Lucy pushed to the brink in this season premiere after she believed Wyatt and Rufus had perished in the Mason Industries explosion. She posed as being loyal to Rittenhouse in an attempt to destroy them. She even went as far as killing an innocent man to prove her loyalty, something that will no doubt stay with her forever. But the biggest surprise was that Lucy was going to sacrifice herself in order to destroy her mother, Emma, the man they went for, the Mother Ship, and Rittenhouse. She had no one left, and she didn’t care what she had to do. She was going to take them out. But then she reunited with Wyatt and Rufus, and things changed. She found a reason to keep on living.

3. Rufus tells Wyatt that Wyatt loves Lucy

This was one of these moments that completely caught me off guard when I first watched this episode. Long before the promo that spoiled it. Back when the screener had been released. This moment left my jaw hanging on the floor. It’s no secret that Lucy and Wyatt care so deeply about each other or that others see that, but I didn’t expect Rufus to call Wyatt out on it. “The woman you love.” “You love Lucy.” Wyatt’s non-denial. My poor shipper heart was not prepared. I love how Timeless doesn’t appear to be dragging out this “will they, won’t they” trope when they know where they’re headed. Being in these situations has a way of bringing people closer together while also putting things into perspective. Time is precious. Live your fullest life and don’t deny your feelings.

4. Rittenhouse agents have been planted throughout history

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. This isn’t your daddy’s Timeless. Things have been amped up in a way that I didn’t imagine was possible. Rittenhouse wants to rewrite history in a way that suits their desires and vision, that’s no secret. But the depth to which their plan goes is astounding. Not only do they date back to 1778 (as we learned last season), but they’re playing the long game. They’ve planted Rittenhouse agents throughout history just waiting for the right time to activate them. They’re not just going back in time, they’re living there. They’re living normal lives just waiting to get the call. It makes you wonder how deep Rittenhouse really goes. It makes you wonder how the hell could they possibly be stopped.

5. Rittenhouse blows up Mason Industries

While it wasn’t a surprise that Rittenhouse would want to take out Mason Industries, just watching it happen, knowing all the people that died and everything that followed was incredibly tragic. Seeing the burns on Wyatt’s back in that shower scene six weeks after the fact. A reminder that that’s a scar they’ll all carry with them. It showed the brutality that is Rittenhouse; it showed the threat that is Rittenhouse; but it also showed the persistence of our Time Team as they keep on fighting to take this enemy down.

6. Wyatt’s insistence that Lucy is alive and he’s going to bring her “home”

I love how Timeless isn’t even trying to hide the fact that Lucy and Wyatt love each other. They might not realize it, but they do. Actions speak louder than words, and Lyatt’s actions speak volumes to how much they mean to each other. Watching Wyatt persistently insist that Lucy isn’t dead, pushing aside any notion that he wasn’t going to get her back, it had the feels going early. There was no way Wyatt wasn’t going to find Lucy. And you didn’t just hear it or see it. You felt it.

7. Lucy reunited with Wyatt and Rufus in 1918

When one of the members of the Time Team are absent, things don’t feel right. There’s a hole where the other should be. And that was certainly felt with Lucy’s absence in the beginning of this hour. So when Lucy was reunited with Wyatt and Rufus in 1918, it was one of those moments that you cherish. No one does reunions like the Time Team. And this one meant even more considering the events that transpired. Considering they didn’t know where Lucy was. Considering that, at this moment, it was as if Lucy and Wyatt realized just how deep their feelings went for each other. And that made it all the more painful when we learned the reunion was short lived as Lucy went to rejoin her mother. But, fret not, there was a second reunion where they all returned home.

8. Nicholas Keynes is Lucy’s great grandfather

Just how deep does Lucy’s family go when it comes to Rittenhouse? At this point I’m wondering if a Preston (or whoever they were) was a founding member of Rittenhouse. Lucy is, as they’ve said, Rittenhouse Royalty. Her father. Her mother. Now, her great grandfather. That’s right, the man they saved in 1918 was her great grandfather. Not to mention this is the man that wrote the manifesto on what Rittenhouse could do with a time machine and how they could change time to suit their needs. Terrifying yet intriguing stuff.

9. Meeting Marie Curie and Irene Curie

One of the many amazing things about Timeless is how it’s able to transport us back in time in a way that feels like watching history come to life in front of us. Bringing in these historical figures, giving them life, and getting to see them in action is just something that’s truly so thrilling to watch. You can’t have a time travel show without traveling back in time. But Timeless manages to do it the way it should be done. Getting to see Marie Curie in action in this episode was a thing of wonder. And watching as she was almost killed was damn near terrifying. (I know, I know, it’s a television show.)

10. Jiya’s fainting spells continue

Just what is going on with Jiya? We saw in the season 1 finale that Jiya was experiencing something weird — where it was almost like she was caught between two different timelines or different times. She was in, then she was out. While the season 2 premiere didn’t provide much clarity on that front, we did glimpse Jiya getting another headache as she went out for a minute and was back. I feel like this is going to be one of those season-long arcs that we’re going to see develop. Let’s just hope it doesn’t pose serious risks for Jiya.

11. Lucy’s mother chooses Rittenhouse over her daughter

We might’ve expected it. Lucy might’ve expected it. But actually watching Carol Preston choosing Rittenhouse over her own daughter was heartbreaking. More so because of how it affected Lucy. Watching her plead with her mother to join the right side of history. Telling her that she’d forgive all her wrong doings if she just joined them. Lucy believing that after she lost her mother that she was alone (even though we know she still has Wyatt and Rufus.) It was heartbreaking.

12. Agent Christopher turns to Garcia Flynn for help

Flynn is back…Did we ever believe he was truly gone? It was more a foregone conclusion that he’d return, but the way his return was done — right down to the whole “I’ll only talk to Lucy” — was just brilliantly done. It added a little something extra to something we shouldn’t have been super surprised about seeing. If there’s anyone that’s going to be an asset when it comes to taking down Rittenhouse, it’s Flynn. But if there’s anyone that’s also a liability and dangerous, it’s Flynn. This should be interesting.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

What are the moments from the Timeless season premiere that you can’t stop talking about? Let us know in the comments!

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