Fangirlish Best of 2019: Songs That Made Us Happy

It’s that time of the year again where we count down some of our favorite things from 2019.

For this list, we are giving you some of the songs that made us happy in 2019.  This year brought us so much great music from some of our favorite artists.  Here’s a look at some of the songs that made us happy in 2019:

Only Human- Jonas Brothers


The Jo Bros have so many great songs on their album Happiness Begins, but we absolutely love this track.  Only Human is an upbeat dance tune with an 80s groove.  We are obsessed with this track, and the 80s themed music video is perfect.

Don’t Call Me Angel- Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey

This song from the 2019 film soundtrack for Charlie’s Angels, is the badass female power anthem we needed.  With amazing vocals from Ariana, Miley, and Lana, this is definitely a song that had us smiling in 2019.

Graveyard- Halsey

I get that this isn’t exactly the most happy sounding song but, Halsey’s track Graveyard makes us feel that way.  It could be the fact that she has a new album heading our way next year, or the fact that the whole music video takes place in a carnival because well, who doesn’t love a good carnival? Either way, Graveyard will be in our heads well into next year.

Lights Up- Harry Styles

We love love love our Harry, so we were beyond thrilled when we got new music.  This song was well worth the wait and that music video, shirtless mussed hair Harry? We are here for that shit (sorry not sorry).  Lights up is catchy and we love that Harry is clearly embracing a new sound.

Truth Hurts- Lizzo


We just took a DNA test, turns out we are 100% still obsessed with this song and LizzoLizzo’s Truth Hurts is an upbeat track about loving yourself, and learning that you don’t need someone to make you feel like you’re a badass.  Lizzo is all about positivity and self-love which are things we here at Fangirlish can definitely get behind.

Khalid- Talk 


Khalid’s songs and music videos always put us in a good mood.  Talk is definitely a perfect example.  The beat puts a smile on our faces and it’s just one of those songs you want to listen to on a long road trip.  It’s safe to say this was in heavy rotation over the year.

Bad Guy- Billie Eilish

 Billie has been having a great year and she deserves it.  Although she’s only 17, she is wise beyond her years. Billie is one of my favorites and her music is life.  Bad Guy is a bass heavy track that makes me feel like a badass when I sing it.  With lyrics like “I do what I want when I’m wanting to” it’s clear Billie doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, and we are here for it.

You Need to Calm Down- Taylor Swift


This pop anthem from Taylor Swift is one of our favorites for its positive message.  Tackling everything from Twitter trolls to LGBTQ rights, You Need to Calm Down is an iconic track that we can’t stop singing.

Nice To Meet Ya- Niall Horan


It is nice to meet ya indeed Niall.  We are diggin the new vibe Nialls got with this track.  It’s funky, upbeat, and a bit on the sexy side.  Niall is really breaking out with this one and we look forward to more of what’s to come.

Watermelon Sugar- Harry Styles


Yes, we put another Harry Styles song on this list because well, it’s Harry Styles people! Harry debuted this new track from his upcoming album Fine Line while acting as host and musical guest on SNLWatermelon Sugar is so fun to sing and I don’t know how anyone could say those words without a smile on their face.  As I said earlier, we are so here for Harry and his new sound he’s exploring with this album and we can’t wait for more.

Some Things Never Change (Frozen 2 Soundtrack)

Frozen 2 hit us right in the feels, all the feels. Some songs were more poignant, and some others were so catchy we find ourselves singing them even in the shower, but this was the one that truly made us happy. Some things never change indeed.

Which songs made you happy in 2019? Did they make this list? Tell us in the comments.

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