‘When the Streetlights Go On’ 1×07 Review: ‘Warmth of the Sun’

At this point, following the seventh episode of When The Streetlights Go On, I’m not sure what to make about Brad. Other than the fact that he’s a selfish loser that feels he’s entitled to whatever he wants. And, in this case, that’s Becky Monroe.

Just when Becky has found the first sense of happiness that we’ve ever seen in this movie — and likely for the first time in years in her life — Brad had to go and fuck everything up. Because he’s jealous. Because he wants Becky’s attention. Because he somehow feels entitled to her…like he probably felt about Chrissy.

Which is a big ass red flag waving in front of my face. Brad didn’t date Becky. He’s only now interested. Imagine how he must’ve acted with Chrissy, someone he dated and claimed to love. What would’ve happened had he found out about Chrissy’s affair with Mr. Carpenter?

We saw how he reacted when Becky questioned him about being the one that killed Chrissy — he snapped. He snapped and threw a dodgeball at her face. Brad is someone that clearly struggles with anger issues, and imagine his reaction in the heat of the moment.

“I’m not a bad guy,” Brad tells Becky. And no one in that car — Becky or the two teenagers getting it on in the backseat — believed a damn word. He claimed he was “too competitive” when he chucked a dodgeball at Becky’s face. That’s not competition, that’s aggression. And that’s an example of snapping.

And if we’ve learned anything, you can only keep something inside for so long before you explode. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s going to happen at this Halloween party.

I was convinced from the start that Brad wasn’t the killer, because it was too easy. But this series has done so much to prove that the opposite is probably true. Brad looks hella guilty right now. His entire demeanor, things we’re learning about his personality, he’s not someone that’s completely innocent in this.

But I keep coming back to the question of whether or not Brad would be capable of murder. I think back to the first episode where we watched the murderer shoot Mr. Carpenter without hesitation and then proceed to put two bullets in Chrissy Monroe.

I’m still not convinced that Brad has what it takes to pull the trigger. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe Brad actually paid someone else to do it? Besides, it’s not like Brad appears to be someone that wants to do the dirty work.

Well, aside from the fact that he looks like he’s dead-set on proving Casper is the killer — oh, and keeping him as far away from Becky as possible. The little shithead actually tattled on Becky to her parents, got her grounded, and then actually had the nerve to make a move on her after driving her to the Halloween party.

At this point, I kind of want it to be Brad. Just because he’s already so much of a bastard that it would feel deserving.

But I can’t help but think something big is coming. As in, Brad is going to finally snap. After all, Charlie warned us that these students “didn’t know what awaited us” at the Halloween party.

And after seeing Brad grabbing a knife that he bought from his glove box, I think we all know where he’s headed with that thing. Casper can handle himself, but I don’t know if he can compete with a knife.

Strap in. Because with just three episodes left, things are about to get crazy.

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