EXCLUSIVE: Ser Anzoategui from Starz 'VIDA' Talks Eddy, Change, and Season 3

EXCLUSIVE: Ser Anzoategui from Starz ‘VIDA’ Talks Eddy, Change, and Season 3

Loss can define you and that’s so true for Ser Anzoategui’s Eddy on Starz Vida! The lost of Vidalia, the bar, and their marriage has changed Eddy and set them on a road of self discovery and growth. We got a chance to speak with Ser Anzoategui about Eddy, what changes are in store for them, and season 3 of the hit series!

1. Considering what Eddy has discovered about Vida, how do they feel about the woman they loved?

Well at the top of season 3, there has been about 3 days that have passed that we don’t see between 2 and 3. So Eddy has been stewing over this, losing sleep, not eating, all of that. So, at the top of season 3, they’re done with Vida. They’re bringing this up to Rocky and stating it out loud like, “Fuck her!” Basically.

This is so different because Eddy has always been the one that just understands. The one who gives you the benefit of the doubt. But this whole thing, not only does it mean that the father of the two and ex-husband not really being the ex-husband means she lied to Eddy the whole relationship. First of all, that he’s dead. Second of all, making it seem like they actually got married.

What does that mean? That means Eddy is left with nothing when Vidalia dies. That they made up a will that Vidalia probably knew that it wasn’t really gonna mean anything. Because she’s been married before. So, that’s what’s really messed up Eddy’s head.

2. How does Eddy stay so strong after everything they’ve been through?

I think it’s definitely from having gone through a lot of things before Vida, before we even see the series. And that background of how she grew up in the projects. And that comes to surface because those are the survival skills they learned. And especially when you see episode 6 of season 1, she was beat up by some dude and in season 2 they’re like whatever.

I’m just moving.

Because if you snitch, that right there is the worst crime. And that’s from being in the hood or being in jail and that kind of thing. For me it’s the rejection from family or from the community. From not being able to find work or go to education or further that education because they have to survive. All these things that would usually piss people of have to be water under the bridge because how are you supposed to survive if you’re literally like surviving. That’s all you can do.

3. Will we be seeing Eddy step up to have the girls backs in season 3 or will they step up and have Eddy’s?

I think it’s going to be both. They both need each other. But definitely it seems like Emma, Lyn, and Nico is the new Eddy of the bar. You can’t trust many people because the last person was stealing so they had to fire her. They sort of go, “We need Eddy.” and Nico knows that. And Emma kind of goes, “No. She’s lying.” But it’s until they realize that they’re telling the truth that Emma’s changed.

Lyn is kind of this beacon of light. Eddy will do anything for Lyn. No matter if it means going right by Emma, which happens in episode 2. Really she’s the only one caring, throughout the whole series, cares about Eddy. Cleaned her up when she wet the bed and everything. But the same time Eddy has nothing. And this hole that is empty in her heart, this emptiness that she has because she’s not in the bar. Being at the bar is their whole life and serving others is what they does best. So, they’re walking around with no purpose to life.

And Eddy will run back to the bar because that’s the only thing they know to do, this whole time. This is home.

4. What do you hope fans take away from Eddy this season?

Well, it’s the last season, so I hope…at first they’re gonna be like, “Where’s Eddy?” and once episode 3, and 5 and 6 are really juicy for Eddy. It’s just like…they’re really open to taking a different path. They’re open to this person who shows interest in Eddy romantically. And it’s actually someone who is persistent and Eddy is totally not used to, especially after all this time.

But Eddy is really looking forward to other possibilities in their life. Like, not just the bar. Not just the girls, the two daughters. It’s more about whether they can lead a life outside of it.

5. With this being the final season, is there a moment that you will always remember when it comes to VIDA?

Every moment. I try to remember all the times on set, just really treasure them and be present every time I was there. It’s everything. I think the number one thing is the feeling of working on a set…there’s a certain energy that you can literally feel and it does feel different. That’s the number one thing.

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

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