Dear Netflix, You Need To Renew These 3 Shows ASAP

Look, I don’t ask for much when it comes to television. Other than for great shows — important, diverse shows — to get their chance to shine. And this quarantine has given me plenty of shows to binge.

Typically, Netflix has been the place where shows go to be saved. But, nowadays, you can never be sure that your favorite Netflix original is going to get a warranted additional season.

After binging some Netflix shows during this quarantine, there are three in particular that I’m far more attached to than I ever expected to be. These shows are unique in their genre, themes, and their diversity ranges from ethnicity to gender. They’re refreshing in their own unique way, and they all left me up way too late because I couldn’t seem to turn the damn thing off.

What can I say, I’m obsessed.

So, Netflix, if you’re listening, please make sure you do the world — and these amazing shows — justice and renew them for a second season. (I’d take the time to beg for 10 additional seasons of these shows, but I’ll start with a Season 2.)

Here are three shows that I’ve fallen in love with that Netflix needs to renew for a second season — as soon as humanly possible.

1. “Sweet Magnolias”

There’s nothing like a good female-led show to hook me. Especially when it features three best friends navigating their hectic yet relatable lives. But a female-centric show featuring a group of older women absolutely slaying it? Sweet Magnolias had me hooked from the start, and it’s never let me go.

What I love about this show is that it’s honest in its storytelling and by these characters, which makes it so relatable. And just like any great show, there are some ships that really make you swoon. Whether they’re ongoing, slowburn, adult or teens, Sweet Magnolias has got me invested! And I need more.

There’s so much diversity in this show, and so many complex characters that make this show something special. Ultimately, it’s the characters that make or break a show. I thought that I would enjoy this show. But thanks to these amazing characters and impressive storytelling, I became obsessed with this show.

Considering the first season ended on a massive cliffhanger, I’m going to need Netflix to order at least a second season — STAT — and continue allowing these three leading ladies to share their amazing stories with us. After watching this amazing show, it’s impossible not to feel like an honorary member of Serenity.

2. “Never Have I Ever”

Never Have I ever is important for a number of reasons. Not only is it diverse in its storytelling as these teenagers navigate a difficult world, but it’s led by an Indian teen and her family. This is the kind of diversity that we need to see more of on television — or streaming services.

It’s funny because, as with a lot of shows, Never Have I Ever wasn’t what I expected it to be. And I don’t know what I expected it to be. Maybe it was that I didn’t expect it to be as incredibly intelligent, hilarious and heartfelt as it was.

Never Have I Ever feels like a show ahead of its time. Where it’s able to take a teenage story and make it feel adult. Usually, most shows featuring teens only skim the surface where Never Have I Ever takes the time to explore every layer.

Ultimately it’s the relationships that make this show so special. Whether it’s Devi’s relationship with her mom and cousin or her pair of besties or her love interests, every relationship is carefully crafted and explored in a beautiful way. And, of course, there’s a love triangle. Whether you’re Team Ben or Team Paxton, you can’t help but like both guys. The only question is, which guy do you like for Devi?

3. “Outer Banks”

I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about Outer Banks, so when I finally decided to give it a go, I’m not surprised that I binged the entire season in a single day. Mostly because I couldn’t find a place to stop.

Outer Banks is fun, thrilling and terrifying at the same time. A kind of mystery thriller with a fresh take as a group of friends goes on a journey that involves searching for actual treasure. That aspect brings a sort of childlike thrill to the show in the best possible way.

But just like with these other shows, it’s the characters that make this show shine. Especially the relationships between the best friends on this adventure. These characters are so complex and so much more than they appear on the surface.

Considering there’s plenty of story left to be told — and ships that need to set sail (I’m looking at you Kiara and JJ), I’m going to need Netflix to give me a very much needed second season.

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