Ed Westwick Is Still Not Relevant And A Garbage Human Being

Ed Westwick should just change his bio to, “Hi, I am an actor and a problematic piece of shit, willing to do whatever it takes to make myself relevant again.”

Only I am thinking he doesn’t get what relevance means and that you probably don’t want to keep being known for being a piece of shit person.

The man knew what he was doing when he posted that he had an announcement and teased fans of Gossip Girl with the iconic XOXO. He wanted the world to pay attention.

And hey – I know that his announcement had nothing to do with Gossip Girl and he’s trying to do raise money for charity. I have no problem with anyone trying to do good. BUT hey, you may wanna start with not being a piece of shit person.

And why do I think that he’s crap? He’s been accused of sexual assault multiple times and as far as I am concerned that makes you a piece of shit person.

Fans were pissed with his announcement. They all probably realized that he’s pathetic and gross.

So he responded on Twitter –

“For those of you that are upset about teasing my collection with the design graphic to raise money for @KickItOut: I hope you can check out the charity and learn more about their mission, who they are helping and the impact it will make in our world to combat racism and discrimination. It is important to me to use my platform to spread love, bring awareness to various organizations and do what I can to make a difference. Love, Ed,” he wrote.

Ed added, “While a GG reboot would be a great distraction, this is not the time for distractions. It is important we focus on the issues at hand, and do what we can to help, even if we think it’s something small.”

While I appreciate Kick It Out and all they are doing, I don’t appreciate Ed. So I’ll just make a donation and not buy his masks.

Chuck Bass is a better man than Ed, and that’s saying a lot.

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