‘Loki’ 1×06 Review: “For All Time. Always.”

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  1. NM says:

    Sylvie didn’t make the wrong choice. Kang is only interested in his own machinations and preserving his own life. The “sacred timeline” was just his plaything. So he works all the levers and finds the only two forces of nature who can match his will and offers them f’d up choices: Be trapped upholding the horror Sylvie has been fighting her whole life to stop, or destroy the universe. Kang has been playing with them tho, offering choices that will protect himself. He was done being He Who Remains. The other Kangs would have been freed regardless. Sylvie just didn’t buy into the gaslighting of maniac. At least that’s how it should have read. Instead with Disney’s typical over simplified moralizing, Sylvie… the only Loki with guts and integrity, and with the drive to actually complete a plan… Sylvie who made it possible for Loki to evolve… becomes the villain who risks the universe for revenge. And Loki “the hero” actually choked and ignored the only true thing Kang said… Together he and Sylvie were unstoppable

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