One Chicago Ships Check – In: March 15

One Chicago
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  1. Rich says:

    I’m surprised that there was not a mention of Burzek’s issues here. At the end of Gone (S9, E15), it was clear that Adam was upset with Kim during the episode which was highlighted when he let go of Kim’s hand at the end of Gone. Closer (S9, E16) did not deal with this at all other than it appeared as though Adam was a bit cold and kept his distance from Kim. The next episode will deal with this issue directly as the synopsis has been released and says:

    “Ruzek’s search for the daughter of an old family friend leads the team into a serious drug investigation. Burgess and Ruzek struggle to move on from the emotional aftermath of Makayla’s abduction.”

    1. Raquel says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Yeah, Burzek is going through hard times but since everything will explode soon, this time we decided to focus on ships in a more general way. In the next One Chicago Ships Check – In we will break down all our feels about them ☺️

  2. Stellabrett12 says:

    I love your comments as I only watch Chicago Fire and
    being Stellaride, I loved everything the beautiful trio mentioned, even the rebel Lyra 🤣, just waiting for the wedding. I always need ❤

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