Chicago P.D. 9×17 Review: “Adrift”

Chicago P.D. - Season 9
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  1. Rich says:

    The writers are driving me crazy with Burzek! I have come to a place where I either want them put together or broken up. I want a resolution one way or another. Over this season they have been together, but not together as a couple and this last episode feels like they “broke up” without breaking up, ugh. I did laugh when Voight first arrived on scene and basically said “you again, look at this mess you want us to take on,” reminded me of Season 3 when he almost lost his badge.

    It does does not look like we are going to get a Burzek resolution this season. We know that this season will be 22 episodes. The next episode 18, with be Halstead centric. Based on the plot it could also heavily involve Voight as bringing in a recruit and training him seems like a way to groom Jay to one day lead the unit. We could get Upstead moments as well. The synopsis for episode 19 seems Kevin centric and Kevin certainly needs some love as he has had the fewest number of storylines. The season is going to end with the Anna storyline and as the showrunners have described it, probably episodes 21 and 22. Those episodes are case centric and if anything are Voight-Halstead focused (Volstead anyone?) and emphasize the new dynamic of their relationship. That leaves episode 20. I don’t think one episode is enough to resolve all of this. So my guess is that this might end up being resolved as part of the season 10 mid-season finale.

  2. Aliya says:

    I think something big will happen for them in 9×20…in a positive way! There is a video of burzek family filming in a park and it sounds like kim says ily to adam! It look like there is going to be a dinner party at either adam’s dad or sister’s house. kim and makayla are going and we’re going to see adam’s childhood photos! marina talked about how she had to discuss filming a big scene with paddy recently, think thats in 9×20!

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