Chicago Fire 10×21 Review: “The Missing Place”

Chicago Fire 10x21
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  1. Rich says:

    I loved the Mouch and Ritter subplot. Ritter is always going to support Mouch because of how Mouch helped to save his career and Mouch no doubt feels a sense of pride in seeing that he was right and how good a firefighter Ritter has become. I like it when they share scenes it makes sense that they would have a bond and it gives Ritter an avenue when the storyline takes him away from Violet and Gallo. Plus it gave Capp and Tony some attention.

    Having Stellaride realize that the wedding was driving them crazy provides an explanation for last week’s episode which I thought was out of character for both. While both of them are intelligent and able to plan things out, they prefer to take action. Both have been married before so a big wedding isn’t as important to them as it is to others and waiting 4 months while they plan this isn’t in their DNA.

    I was disappointed that Emma wasn’t taken out in this episode. I hope her demise comes early in the season final. The last episode should be all about Stellaride’s wedding and Casey’s return. Time devoted to Emma is time wasted. Their is nothing good about her at all. Frankly, I would love it if a member of Inelegance arrested Emma charging her with blackmail and official misconduct and it happened in the very beginning of the episode.

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