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‘Ted Lasso’ 3×07 Review: “The Strings That Bind Us”

Ted Lasso 3x07, "The Strings That Bind Us"
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  1. Ash Tree says:

    Just a thought, there has to be *some* connection to when strings were last referenced in season 2. In the nineth episode when Dr. Sharon was leaving, the team prepared the dance to ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by Backstreet Boys as a parting gift (but she had left before they got to perform it for her). The team couldn’t get it together at the practice (or synchronised) and Ted explained that they were meant to be like marionettes for the dance because the song was off Backstreet Boys’ third album, ‘No Strings Attached’. Which is the opposite of ‘The Strings that Bind Us’. The team now has to work together in unity as a whole rather than as individual, but synchronised, players.
    Oh, and that harks back to Ted and Sassy’s convo earlier in this season about the movie ‘No Strings Attached’. Which also ties in with the rom-com element of other episodes… and now I have fallen down a Taylor-Swift-fan-like rabbit hole of trying to find Easter eggs and connections or indeed strings… which it should be noted, she sings about strings too in her songs!

  2. Luka says:

    The last two episodes have been wonderful. However, I find the Keely story line so bizarre. First she was with Jamie, then Roy, and having just broken up with Roy, she seemed to be expressing interest in Jamie again, but now she’s in love with Jack. How did she get over Roy that fast? I was really sold that they were a match, too, so I feel, as a viewer, a little off about how soon it was forgotten.

  3. Ash Tree says:

    Apologies, episode 11 not 9. And *Nsync of course, not Backstreet Boys!

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