See The Trailer For Bravo’s ‘Winter House’

We’re going to need answers. Like why are all these women falling head over feet for Austen? #WinterHouse please explain!

BravoCon 2021 Cancelled Due To The Pandemic

We’re thankful that Bravo cancelled #Bravocon this year. The pandemic is scary & with the Delta Variant on the rise, we’d rather be safe than sorry!

Bravo Releases Sneak Peak Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 9

During the past year we’ve gotten more and more into all things Bravo. See we were excited for a season 9 of Vanderpump Rules sneak peak.

‘Emily In Paris’ Star Lucas Bravo Talks France’s Relationship With Threesomes

Threesomes. They are for some people and for some people they aren’t. #EmilyInParis star Lucas Bravo talks about them.

The Internet Has A New Boyfriend: Lucas Bravo

If you haven’t watched Emily In Paris, you need to sit and watch. You’ll meet the internets newest boyfriend, Lucas Bravo.

5 Bravo Themed Instagram Accounts We Love

Quarantine has led me down the road of falling more and more in love with Bravo. Here’s some IG accounts that I love for the network.

Bravo’s Imposters Will Make You Think Twice About Falling In Love

Bravo’s Imposters will make you think twice about getting married. Seriously. Like you think that you know someone and then they clean out all your money, credit, and dig up dirt on your family in order to make you not…

5 Bravo Television Shows That Are Guilty Pleasure Television

Don’t get me wrong, I love good television. But every once in awhile I need an escape and I don’t apologize for it. My TV station of choice when I need an escape is Bravo. Cause let’s face it guys…

Netflix Sets Premiere Date For ‘Emily In Paris’

TUDUM is giving us lots of greatness today! But what are we excited for? A premiere date for season 2 of #EmilyInParis!

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×02 Review: “Never Turn Your Back On Them”

The second half of the Law & Order: SVU premiere double-header, “Never Turn Your Back On Them,” was somehow an even more damning look at the wealthy and powerful than the season 23 premiere. Had we not seen the first…

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×01 Review: “And The Empire Strikes Back”

Law & Order: SVU’s season 23 premiere was, without a doubt, a strong kickoff to what we hope will finally be the season. If you’re here, you probably know what that means. If not, well… Ask your leading lady why…

‘Chapelwaite’ 1×01 Review: “Blood Calls Blood”

Chapelwaite 1×01 “Blood Calls Blood” is a transition episode that hooks you with the few mysteries to be solved. Let’s review!

‘The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ Trailer Brings All The Drama

There is so much drama in reality TV but nothing is more dramatic than a Real Housewife. We’re admitting we’ll watch this shit, cause #drama.

Henry Golding Once Cut Kate Middleton’s Brothers Hair

It’s not that Henry Golding is a name dropper, but we do love the fact that he divulged this little piece of info.

‘Dynasty’ Star Liz Gillies Explains Why She Wasn’t At Ariana Grande’s Wedding

You always wanna be there for your friends, but it definitely is hard with the pandemic. That’s the only reason that this friend missed her BFF’s wedding.

Paris Hilton Has A Cooking Show Coming Out & We’re Probably Gonna Watch!

Netflix tells you what you need, even when you’re not asking. A cooking show with Paris Hilton is what we need and it’s coming!

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 1

ATX TV Festival Season 10 is here! We review top moments Day 1 from Degrassi: The Next Generation to some behind-the-scenes games and secrets

One Chicago Ships Check-In: May 19th

We’re talking One Chicago ships, from Stellaride’s proposal, Brettsey on the brink of getting together and the balance or lack thereof on PD.

Hannah Berner Leaving ‘Summer House’

We’re not surprised that Hannah is leaving #SummerHouse and we kinda think its for the best. Read her statement about leaving here.

‘The Rookie’ 3×13 Review: “Triple Duty”

The Rookie 3×13 “Triple Duty” returns showing us the systematic racism that exists in our society and the difficulty of changing things.

Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Is In Production

No lie, I may have screamed a little loud this AM, because EMILY IN PARIS IS BACK AND IN PRODUCTION! The second season of Emily is Paris is underway. Netflix posted a video of the stars announcing their return. View…