New ‘Justice League’ trailer highlights the best parts of the DCEU at SDCC

  Justice League had their panel at Hall H today and a few important things were mentioned in the panel. Gal Godot got to take a well-deserved victory lap after the world-wide success of Wonder Woman. Ben Affleck denied rumors…

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‘Peacemaker’ 1×01-1×03 Review: “A Whole New Whirled”

The new HBO Max series Peacemaker drops the audience into the life of Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, after the events of last year’s film The Suicide Squad. Played by John Cena, Peacemaker was technically a villain and a detestable one.…

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Our Favorite Films of the Year

Movies helped us escape the fact that the pandemic continued this year. 2021 was full of films to love and here are our favorites!

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8 Details from the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Official Main Trailer We Can’t Get Over

DC FanDome was full of surprises and new content for fans all around the world. There was plenty of Wonder Woman 1984 content spread out over the 24-hour, immersive event. One fun segment saw the cast go head-to-head in a…

‘The Gifted’ Season Premiere Date and New Posters Released

The Gifted is coming back, and on a new night! The FOX mutant drama will return on Tuesday, September 25th, at 8/7c, with an episode titled “eMergence.” Sadly, we don’t have any more details about it, but we can imagine…

Fandom Entitlement: Who Owns the Story?

I wrote before about how fandom can become a negative place when fans confuse the fictional story with behind-the-scenes reality. This week, I want to write about another dark side of fandom: fan entitlement. This tends to rear its ugly…

‘Justice League’ Review: Not the Movie it Should Have Been

It’s become somewhat of a joke, I realize, to rage on Justice League and on the DCEU in general. To be fair, though, some of that criticism is warranted – Wonder Woman was a superb movie, but Batman vs. Superman…

'Wonder Woman' Review: A Kickass Movie With An Inspiring Message

Warning: Spoilers from Wonder Woman within this review. There are superhero movies about superheroes. Then there are superhero movies that are so much more. Wonder Woman was the first film in the DC Extended Universe that was able to encapsulate…