Just three more episodes. Three. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms. How are you feeling The X-Files fans? Emotional? So am I. Take a deep breath. Enjoy it while it lasts. We can all cry later. We’re getting you ready for tonight’s “Home Again” with promos, photos and a list of things youRead More →

FOX sure knows how to up the stakes. Bring up the Alien DNA! On paper, debuting new footage for the last episode of this 6-episode revival of The X-Files during the Super Bowl was a bad idea. Everyone was busy watching the Half-Time Show, after all. Or, were they? Because, consideringRead More →

Once Upon a Time is going to hell. Literally. For the series 100th episode, the first after the mid season break, our heroes will travel to the Underworld – and there they will, of course, meet Hades. Because, what’s the Underworld without it’s King? Now, we don’t know exactly how ourRead More →

More The X-Files? All The X-Files? Well, if the ratings are to be believed, that’s exactly what the fans want. FOX is reporting that The X-Files two-night premiere event, which premiered within 24 hours in the U.S and 80 other countries internationally, delivered more than 50 million viewers, setting newRead More →

Remember the first episode? Remember that wide-eyed kid who knocked on Emma’s door and brought with him magic and adventure? Remember that looking at him and realizing he really, really believed? Remember that little face full of hope and trust and wonder? Remember thinking he was the only one whoRead More →

Thanks to the Boy Who Lived, we all know Hogwarts. For years, we wished we’d gone to Hogwarts. But now, with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them right around the corner, J. K Rowling is finally giving us a glimpse at the big magical world outside Britain’s borders …andRead More →

If you make them …they will watch? The expectation was: bring back a show like The X-Files, a cultural phenomenon back in the day, and enough people will watch that it’ll make it worthwhile. It won’t be a breakaway hit, but it’s at least something you don’t have to spendRead More →

Welcome back, The X-Files. Welcome back unexplained phenomena, welcome back Skinner with his awful poker face, welcome back Mulder jumping to conclusions. Welcome back, The X-Files. We’d really, really missed you. Episode Two couldn’t have been more different from the mythology-heavy episode one they tried. But, in this case, that’sRead More →