Legends of Tomorrow 6×14 Review “There Will Be Brood”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×14 “There Will Be Brood” is the penultimate episode of season 6, but it also delivers a origin story for one Legend. This season has felt rushed at times and has moved like molasses other times. “There…

‘The Flash’ Plans Epic Season 8 Opening Event

For eight seasons, The Flash has served as the CW’s tentpole show for the Arrowverse. So it seems only fitting that the network plans to bring season 8 in with a bang. “Armageddon” CW has just announced that the season…

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×13 Review: “Silence of the Sonograms”

Legends of Tomorrow “Silence of the Sonograms” puts the wheels in motion as the Legends face challenges on different fronts.

We’re Getting A Black Canary Solo Movie!

Jurnee Smollett Bell is set to reprise her role as the Black Canary in a solo movie coming to HBO Max, and we’re over the moon.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×12 Review: “Bored on Board Onboard”

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×11 Review: “The Final Frame”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×11 “The Final Frame” did something we’ve never seen before: Have the fate of Earth decided on a bowling game!

5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Birds of Prey’ Again Instead of ‘The Suicide Squad’

Forget about James Gunn and his lazy The Suicide Squad. Instead watch quality entertainment in the form of Birds of Prey!

‘The Suicide Squad’ Really Tried to Sell Me a Dollar Store Version of Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad really tried to sell me a dollar store version of Harley Quinn and I’m not here for it. Read our review!

Leslie Grace Is The New ‘Batgirl’ And The Internet Is Pleased

Leslie Grace is our new Batgirl and the internet is happy to welcome the new Barbara Gordon. Check out some reactions!

Jason Momoa Shares He’s Going Blonde For ‘Aquaman 2’

#Aquaman2 has started filming & Arthur must be spending more time in the sun. Why? He’s going blonde.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×10 Review: “Bad Blood”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×10 “Bad Blood” highlights a universal truth of all life, hero or not. Addiction can bring out the worst in everybody.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×09 Review: “This is Gus”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×09 “This is Gus” is a reminder of how much a tv show can influence a person’s life. We review.

‘The Flash’ Keeps Failing Iris West

I have a soft spot for the human characters in superhero stories, so I’ve always been a fan of Iris West on The Flash. But from the beginning, it’s been impossible to ignore that The Flash keeps failing Iris’s character.…

‘Batwoman’ 2×18 Review: “Power”

The Batwoman season 2 finale “Power” was disappointing to say the least. Yes, it had its good moments. We’re glad that Kate and Sophie had that super hot moment where Sophie cemented how she feels about Kate. We’re also glad…

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×08 Review: ‘Stressed Western”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×08 “Stressed Western” brings back some familiar faces, as it explores the dynamics between the team.

‘Batwoman’ 2×17 Review: “Kane, Kate”

Batwoman‘s “Kane, Kate” legit might be my favorite episode to date. Seriously, it had everything my queer little heart desired, the two Batwoman’s duking it out, and Alice setting the stage for a finale that I’m pretty sure will end…

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×07 Review: “Back to the Finale Part II”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×07 “Back to the Finale Part II” finally lets Sara Lance reunite with the Legends, and it feels so good.

Titans Season 3 Sets August Debut On HBO Max

Teaser trailer and premiere date set for Titans Season 3 on HBO Max, and we are here for it. Although we may need to emotionally prepare.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×06 Review: “The Bishop’s Gambit”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×06 “The Bishop’s Gambit” delivers some hard truths to a few of the Legends. Some are little ones, like John isn’t really the most fondest of house guests crashing at his home. Other truths, though are a…

‘Batwoman’ 2×16 Review: “Rebirth”

Batwoman’s “Rebirth” sees Kate’s memories making an appearance, Alice losing someone else, and Luke starting down a new path.

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