Words cannot describe how great it feels to watch The Flash this season and feel satisfied. Not just that, but to have fun watching it again. It’s something that started waning late in Season 2 and throughout Season 3. But with last week’s premiere — and The Flash’s latest hour,Read More →


Since its first season, The Flash has thrived on its lighthearted tone where family is the focus. Barry Allen has always been the lighthearted hero of the DCTV universe, along with Supergirl, and that was something that we were severely lacking last season as things got a little too dark.Read More →

In The Flash’s third season finale, we found ourselves nearly escaping the black hole that was the darkness of Season 3 after we learned that — by the grace of God — Iris West hadn’t been killed by Savitar. Just when things appeared to be on the rise, Barry AllenRead More →

Barry Allen and Iris West are synonymous with endgame. While that’s certainly proven true in the comics, it wasn’t always a guarantee on The Flash. Certainly, it was the intention. But as writers, you have to learn that if something isn’t working, then you move on. Like another DCTV show.Read More →

All season long, I’ve been criticizing Barry – rightfully so – for his selfish decision to create Flashpoint and subsequently affect everything in its wake. While Barry has surely had to deal with a few consequences of Flashpoint – including nearly losing the love of his life and Caitlin becomingRead More →

Remember last week’s episode, “Cause and Effect?” Remember that return to the optimistic, hopeful show that The Flash has established itself as since its inception? Yeah, well, that’s gone. Now it’s back to the intense darkness as Savitar prepares to shatter our world. Well, it was fun while it lasted.Read More →

The expression, “Don’t fix what’s not broken” is one that can apply to a lot of things. It can apply to household appliances. It can apply to sports organizations. It can apply to relationships. And it most certainly applies to television shows that have a recognizable tone that has definedRead More →

In a season of The Flash where Barry Allen had become the villain of his own story, ironically that proved to be true in terms of storytelling, as well. After the long, dragged out process of dangling Savitar’s identity in front of us like a tasteless bone, The Flash finallyRead More →

When it comes to The Flash’s success in the course of this now third season, I’ve always believed that it hit its peak in its freshman season. There was a level of thrill, excitement, and emotional trauma that rivaled most shows – and at a consistent pace. It defined TheRead More →

When it comes to superhero television shows, particularly DC television, these series are at their best when they let the characters drive the plot. Sometimes it’s really easy to get lost in said plot due to the epicness of the villain or the storyline (*cough* Flashpoint *cough*). But the timesRead More →

There are times when an episode of The Flash can feel like it drags on with the plot. That was the case with “Dead or Alive,” where a bounty hunter named Gypsy came to Earth-1 to collect H.R. The story felt like it was dragged on forever. But the wayRead More →