5 Things We Learned From the Arrow Panel at SDCC

Following a season where mysticism reigned supreme, Arrow is returning to its gritty, grounded roots in season five. That means more street fighting and focus on the non-superpowered element of this universe where the big bad will serve to drive everyone this season.

While we don’t know everything that will happen when Arrow returns in October, the cast and producers did tease some things we can expect during their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday. From Prometheus to the 100th episode to Katie Cassidy’s return to the future of Oliver and Felicity, fans got a small glimpse of what they can expect this season.

Here are five things we learned from the Arrow panel at SDCC:

1. Prometheus is the Big Bad

In the final scene of the season five trailer, we see a masked man seemingly confront the Green Arrow, which prompted questions of: who is this new big bad? Marc Guggenheim confirmed that it was the big bad of the season named Prometheus. He fits into the theme of legacy this season. He’s certainly going to drive Oliver, but he’s also driving all of the characters this season. We do know that the big bad this season is the product of what Oliver has created over the years, which is definitely intriguing and prompts a question of whether there’s a connection to the Bratva. But after a season with a mystical big bad in Damien Darhk, Arrow is returning to the dark, gritty show that we met in season one, which includes its big bad.

2. Katie Cassidy Will Be a Series Regular Across Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow

While Laurel Lance might’ve met a tragic end on Arrow last season, fans haven’t seen the last of Katie Cassidy in Greg Berlanti’s DC universe. Not only will Cassidy appear in the season five premiere of Arrow where we will learn what she told Oliver before she died, but Cassidy was named a series regular across all three of The CW’s superhero shows: Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. This doesn’t mean that Black Canary will be resurrected — she’s still dead in the present — but given the vast scope of the shows she’ll appear in different ways. She’ll appear in flashbacks on Arrow, as the villainous Black Siren on The Flash, and appear at different points in time on Legends of Tomorrow.

3. Arrow‘s 100th Episode Will Be Part 3 of the Epic Crossover Event


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With Arrow headed into its fifth season it’s coming up on its 100th episode, which will be episode eight of season five. With the introduction of new superhero spinoffs has come annual crossover events beginning with Arrow and The Flash two years ago and then last year incorporating the beginning of Legends of Tomorrow. This season will mark the biggest crossover to date: a four-night, four-show crossover event that will include new CW entity Supergirl. Traditionally the crossover episodes occur at the eight-episode mark, and that will be the case this year. So while Arrow‘s 100th episode will include the crossover, it was teased that the 100th episode celebration is really a two-episode thing including the midseason finale (episode nine).

4. Oliver is Doing a Terrible Job as Mayor of Star City

When we last left Oliver in season four he was stepping into a new mayoral role that teased a new direction. But things aren’t smooth sailing for Oliver. Given that there’s no team helping Oliver out in the field — with Diggle and Thea’s departures — that affects Oliver’s mayoral run as he basically has to be the Green Arrow all the time. It’s Thea and Felicity that actually step up and are handling Oliver’s mayoral duties. The reasons that Oliver was elected and wanted to be mayor have somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. That’s something that Oliver will struggle with this season.

5. Oliver and Felicity Are Left in an Ambiguous State

It should come as no shock to anyone that questions turned to one of the most talked about aspects of Arrow: the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. While the two broke up in the middle of last season, they were left in an ambiguous state. And we’re going to see them pick back up in that same state. Regardless of their romantic relationship, they still have a strong partnership. Amell teased that there’s a dynamic scene in the premiere where they speak together as equals and as team members. Emily Bett Rickards said that Oliver and Felicity’s communication and collaboration is getting stronger this season. It’s clear Oliver loves Felicity, but that doesn’t mean they’ll end up together. Nice try, Amell. We’re not falling for that.


6. The Arrow Cast is Obsessed With Hamilton

It’s not a secret that a little something called Hamilton has swept the world by storm. But something that fans learned during the Arrow panel was that the cast are not only fans but huge fans of the Lin-Manuel Miranda hit musical. When a fan brought up Hamilton that led to the cast breaking out into a rendition of “You’ll Be Back,” which was by far the highlight of the panel.

Watch the full panel here:

Arrow returns for season 5 on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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