Arrow SDCC 2016 Interview: Echo Kellum

With Team Arrow down to just Oliver and Felicity when season five begins, this season on Arrow we’re going to see Felicity wanting to create a new team with Diggle and Thea out of commission. One of those new members that Oliver will help train is Felicity’s bestie Curtis Holt, who while inexperienced is going to fight to get to solid ground.

“You’ll definitely see Curtis more involved with the team and really getting out there in the field,” Echo Kellum told us during a roundtable interview at SDCC. “Just trying to help out as much as he can even though he’s inexperienced and doesn’t have it all together. But you’ll see his drive really coming through and it’s going to be a really cool aspect of him you get to see. You’ll get to see that juxtaposed with his home life, as well.”

While Kellum said there hasn’t been any mention of Palmer Tech yet – though he assumes Curtis still works there – he really stressed the focus of the beginning part of the season revolving around this new-look Team Arrow.

“We’re just diving into the aspect of what Team Arrow looks like now that a lot of the team members left and are trying to get on their own path,” Kellum said. “Curtis will be there to help in the meantime.”

In terms of what aspect he would like to really explore in Curtis’ backstory this season, Kellum singled out Curtis and Paul’s relationship, which fans got just a taste of in season four.

“I would really like to explore his and Paul’s relationship and how they really make it work,” Kellum said. “I think that they’re so good together and really have each other’s back. And I think it would be cool to see a positive, supportive partner who’s there. But even though they still have hurtles to get through, seeing how they cross them, and really show that they’re really there for each other, really care about each other. I’m really excited to see their relationship develop further and also excited to see Curtis get out in the field and have those growing pains and possible kick a little ass.”

Watch our interview with Kellum below where he discusses Curtis’ dynamic with Felicity, his desire for Curtis to interact with Cisco in the crossover event, and more.

Arrow season five premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW

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