Chicago P.D. 4×11 Review: ‘You Wish’

It’s no secret that Chicago P.D. has been one of those shows that can push the envelope. There are just come cases that are that insane. There are just some revelations that are too crazy to not contemplate to the point where your head is throbbing; to the point where it’s all you can think about. That’s the beauty of Chicago P.D. It’s a procedural that really doesn’t operate by what a typical procedural does. While the draw are the weekly cases, make no mistake it really thrives on its characters and how they approach it and other issues in their lives. It’s so fantastic in so many ways.

In the latest, absolutely insane episode, “You Wish,” Chicago Intelligence was investigating a gruesome murder that also involved the severing of a man’s penis (and that was only the beginning of the insanity!), as well as a special, elite police force that ended up being more involved with the case than we could’ve thought.

Also, we were dealt some emotional blows as we learned whether or not Jimmy was Lindsay’s birth father, which also caused some issues for Lindsay and Halstead. But perhaps most importantly, this episode brought to the forefront an important question – involving Voight – that will linger on my mind until it’s answered in its entirety.

Let’s break this down:

Too Good to Be True

Well, the fairy tale didn’t last long. In fact, it lasted all of the one week break between “Don’t Read the News” and “You Wish.” So, basically not long at all.

Just when it looked like something was finally going right for Erin – aside from her perfect boyfriend, cause he’s perfect – she had the carpet ripped out from under her when a DNA test revealed that Jimmy wasn’t in fact her birth father. And to no one’s surprise, she didn’t take the news well. Whether that was lashing out at Halstead for running the DNA test or at Bunny, for who she assumed had been playing this con for years.

But when you’re met with a revelation like this, it’s natural to react like this. Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time (in Halstead’s case) or maybe you’re in the right place at the right time (in Bunny’s case, cause let’s be real, she deserved that.)

To make matters worse, when Lindsay told Jimmy the news he immediately jumped to the conclusion that she and Bunny were conning him. That this was the plan from the very beginning. No mind that Lindsay had finally thought she found her father. No, that asshole made this all about him. And he started spewing threats that didn’t make even the birds on the sidewalk quake. As if.

So, if Jimmy isn’t Erin’s father. Then who is? This story-line can’t be wrapped up that quick, right? There has to be more to the story. Which leads us to…

Could Voight Actually Be Lindsay’s Father?

“You wish.”

Are those two words – the words that Voight told Bunny in regards to him potentially being Lindsay’s birth father – going to come back to haunt him this season? Well, I guess haunt is the wrong word. It’s not like Voight wouldn’t like to be Lindsay’s father – because let’s be honest, he’s essentially been her father since she was 15.

Given the very quick wrap-up with this asshole Jimmy guy (seriously what a dick), this story feels over too soon. More than that, Chicago P.D. went out of its way to plant the seed that Hank could actually be Lindsay’s birth father. There’s a reason they did that. And Voight’s reaction didn’t help my hyperventilation.

To be honest, I really like the potential of this story-line. I really want to see if now Voight is going to questioning the paternity of it all. Now that Bunny has essentially hinted at the likelihood that he might be Lindsay’s father there’s no way that Voight lets that go. Will he do some digging of his own? Will he contemplate the likelihood before acting?

And honestly, I really want Voight to be Lindsay’s father. I know, I know. It sounds too convenient. But it’s not. In fact, it would essentially be like their entire relationship coming full circle. We’ve seen how Voight has been a father to Lindsay since he saved her from the streets when she was 15. We’ve seen how he was a father to her when he had no obligation to be. We’ve seen how much he loves and cares for her even though she isn’t his blood. How perfect would it be that she actually is his daughter? It goes to show you that blood doesn’t make a family. Loving someone, caring for someone. That’s what makes a family. Voight has never needed validation for what he’s done for Lindsay.

But regardless of what happens, Voight will always be Lindsay’s father. He has been since she was 15, and he’ll continue to be until the day he dies.

The Beauty of Linstead

I could rave week after week, episode after episode, season after season about the beauty of Halstead and Lindsay’s relationship. And it’s not because it’s perfect. In fact, it’s because of how the imperfections are dealt with. Both Halstead and Lindsay aren’t perfect people. They aren’t the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. They can be overprotective or overreact. But one thing that hasn’t changed since they began their relationship back in season 1 was how they’ve dealt with conflict.

Whether they were dating or not, Jay and Erin have always talked things out. You know, they act like adults should act. You’d think that’d be pretty common on television, but it’s not. Most shows like to throw contrived drama into the ring and have a couple deal with a conflict in a very unrealistic way that leaves the audience scratching its head (because, you know, the audience knows your characters better than you do sometimes.)

But I’ve always been impressed with how Chicago P.D. has handled Jay and Erin’s relationship. It’s perhaps one of the most mature and healthy relationship examples out there on television. Other shows, take note. These two handle issues together. And even when they have their disagreements, they always find a way to make up. Because when there are certain issues that you up against – that aren’t entirely extreme – the instinct is to fight to resolve the conflict and make the relationship work. Arguments happen. But if every relationship ended after one argument then eventually people would run out of people to date.

In “You Wish,” we saw Halstead run Jimmy’s – Lindsay’s supposed birth father – DNA to make sure that he was who he said he was. Last week, Lindsay had asked him to give her time to live in the fantasy. And you know what, he did. He gave her that time. And then, being the protective boyfriend that he is, he told Lindsay that he was running Jimmy’s DNA. And she didn’t object. Partly because she trusts Jay and partly because she wanted to know. There wasn’t a big “oh my God, I can’t believe you!” drama-filled speech when he told her what he was doing. There was acceptance. She knows that her boyfriend is just looking out for her.

But when Halstead reveals the results, Lindsay obviously isn’t very pleased. So she lashes out at Jay, makes him the bad guy. We all knew it was coming. To be honest, if she didn’t react that way I’d be concerned. No relationship is that perfect. Plus, it’s human instinct to lash out when faced with an emotional revelation like that. But we all knew she didn’t mean it, including Jay. Which is why he allowed her the space she needed, while also checking up on her to make sure she was okay. And those two very important words, “I’m sorry.” Seriously, best. Boyfriend. Ever. Halstead’s concern for Lindsay was making my heart melt.

While we didn’t get to see it come to fruition as a face-to-face scene, at the end of the day Lindsay responded to Halstead’s texts asking about how she was doing and his voicemail apologizing. She responded telling him that she was fine, that she was sorry, and that she’d see him at home. See, the world didn’t come to an end because they had an argument; because Halstead did something that she wasn’t happy about – all to protect her. They hashed it out, they each had their space, and they made up. Because that’s what real life couples do.

When it comes to Lindsay we know that she doesn’t have a lot of good things that last in her life. But Halstead has been the constant through it all. He’s the good thing in her life. And that’s damn beautiful.

Progress for Olinsky & Burgess

One of the storylines I’m really anxious to see play out is how Olinsky and Burgess develop as partners. Obviously with Burgess coming fresh into Intelligence there was some caution on the part of Olinsky, which he revealed was due to the fact that he didn’t want a front row seat to this job ruining her. But that was just a first impression. Since then, we’ve seen them work together more and more, and we’re starting to see Olinsky warm up to her.

That hesitancy needed to be there. Olinsky is someone who, while not in your face, is just as dangerous as Voight. Him and Voight are willing to go to extremes when the opportunity calls for it. In Olinsky’s eyes, Burgess is the complete opposite. She’s this sweet thing that he sees has the potential to be tainted by this darkness of Intelligence. But honestly, Olinsky doesn’t know Burgess yet. Sure, they’ve been acquaintances. But he hasn’t seen the Burgess we’ve seen over the past four seasons. The empowered woman that can be sweet as candy and then a gun-touting badass a second later. She’s real police.

I really enjoyed the moments between Olinsky and Burgess in this episode because it started to show how Olinsky is starting to see what Voight and Platt and even Ruzek have seen in her. While she’s far from perfect on the job – she hasn’t been in Intelligence long, she’ll learn – she’s already showing just how valuable she is to this unit. Just imagine when she has some more experience under her belt. And you know Olinsky is going to be the first one to tell her.

Five Things…

  1. Halstead and Lindsey are one of the most beautiful relationships on television. It’s so incredibly refreshing to watch a healthy relationship like Halstead and Lindsay where they’re not forced into contrived drama, and where they are allowed to just exist in a relationship. It’s a novel concept. But a couple together. Let them work through things together. AND THEY’RE STILL INTERESTING.
  2. Could Voight really, actually be Lindsay’s birth father? It was confirmed. Voight and Bunny had a one night stand many years ago. The seed has been planted. All Bunny had to do was tease that Voight should get a paternity test. He seemed to brush it off pretty quickly. But IT’S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT NOW.
  3. This episode was batshit crazy! Like typically Chicago P.D. is all about those jaw-dropping moments and cases that leave your head spinning. But it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten one. And still it didn’t involve decapitated penises.
  4. Atwater’s reaction to this case had me cracking up. I mean what’s the point of having weird, insane, and downright crazy cases this this if you can’t have these hilarious character reactions? Atwater had me rolling on the floor laughing.
  5. Let’s clear it up now. Lindsay is not leaving Chicago. Sure, the writers wanted to plant the idea so as to make us freak the hell out as we weave through this season. And while Lindsay might actually have considered it for a second – or might in the future – there’s no way she’s leaving. Especially not when the one good thing in her life, Halstead, remains.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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