New York Comic-Con Roundup: ‘Blindspot’

Today is our lucky day, Blindspot fans! The entire cast attended New York Comic- Con and we have a lot to share with all of you. Hold on to your hats, because there are two new trailers, some scoop from the panel, and of course – the news that Ritch Dotcom will be recurring in Season 3 and is now working with the FBI!

All the NYCC information is here, in one place, just for you. Here we go!


Awesome news! Thanks to EW we now know that Ennis Esmer has joined the cast of Blindspot and he will play fan favorite Ritch Dotcom on a recurring basis. Blindspot executive producer, Martin Gero, said we will see him during half the episodes of Season 3.

However, there is a significant change with the character; since we met him in season 1 we have seen him as the “Bad guy,” Ritch was a criminal, one of the hackers most wanted by the FBI, but now that has changed.

After the jump in time, we discover that Ritch Dotcom now works with the FBI. Executive producer Martin Gero says:

“We had talked right away, after the first season: How do we have Rich join the team? It just seemed it’s impossible to do it organically, but what the two-year time jump gives us is that he’s been working there already for a year, we just haven’t seen it. So Reade trusts him, Hirst trusts him, the FBI has decided they trust Rich Dotcom. So while that may be foreign to Jane as she’s returning, we kind of explain, in backstory, that he’s helped them out a lot and is trying to turn a new leaf. That sets the table for us to have Rich in almost half the episodes this year, and so far it’s just been such a delight. The [scenes] he has with the rest of the team, especially Patterson, are spectacular.”

With Rich’s return semi-permanent, it seems we can assume that season 3 will have a lighter and brighter tone. Gero has spoken about it and commented:

“The show can get very serious and very dark. In our current climate, we’re trying to be a little more escapist and fun. It’s something that is natural to the DNA of the show.”

He continues:

“We’ve always had our fun episodes, and they work surprisingly well for a show that can get as dark as it does. Rich has been the center of some of our favorite episodes over the past two seasons. To say he’s a fan favorite does him even a disservice — they just go so crazy for the Rich Dotcom episodes.”

Thector who plays Ritch Dotcom – Ennis Esmer – has published a photo of his new ID as part  of the FBI.

This is so cool! And as it seems, we will see a friendship and great moments between Ritch and Patterson, as they will be working together, just as we told you we wanted to see in a previous article.


Thanks to Jenna, Dgct2 and Blindspot France we have all the relevant scoop that actors and producers shared during the panel.

  • Ashley AKA Patterson said that in another world, a person like Rich Dotcom would be perfect for Patterson.
  • Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, commented that after his last two boyfriends, Patterson will take a break in that respect. I have to say that I’m totally on board with this, at least at the beginning of the season, because Patterson deserves to be happy when her wounds have healed.
  • Jaimie said: “Roman is messed up because he’s seen his sister naked twice (to tattoo her)‪”.  That’s funny LMAO.‬
  • Season 3 will be mostly present day with flashbacks to past 2 years.
  • Reade is head of New York Office of FBI. Had to stop with the cocaine‪. FINALLY.‬
  • Ennis – Ritch Dotcom – is a squeezable therapy puppy, according to him.
  • Roman had a bad childhood so he thinks everything is justified‪. My heart is bleeding for Roman, he needs to be redeemed. ‬
  • They will film Season 3 on 5 continents; they already filmed in Venice, Australia and Barcelona‪.  Spain, My country, I’M SO EXCITED!
  • Ashley decided for herself that Patterson’s first name is Cherry.
  • Audrey – Zapata – isn’t sold on the Reade relationship. Rob – Reade – agreed.
  • Martin Gero: “Show will be a good hour to escape the real world and relax”.
  • New tattoos will relate to each character‪. Sounds so good!.‬
  • This will be the biggest Jeller year because they’re married. I’M SCREAMING!.
  • Differences between them and their characters: Audrey isn’t as tough, Luke – Roman – said no differences – he’s joking. Ennis said no parachute tuxedo. Jaimie doesn’t kill people, Rob is more rebellious‪. ‬Sully – Kurt – is funnier than Weller and Ashley is more type A and extroverted.
  • We’ll see Kurt’s baby. There won’t be a love triangle. Thank God!.
  • Weller’s daughter will be called Bethany for Mayfair.
  • Bioluminescent tattoos are real but you need to be zapped for them to work.
  • Sully went in Venice sewer water (canal) instead of using a stunt double. Wow!.
  • Martin said that the 1st 4 minutes will give a lot of insight into where Jeller are right now as a couple.
  • It starts off the vulnerable side of she left and then will she come back? – Sully describing Jeller at the start.
  • The new tattoos are penance for Jane. Roman is pissed that she choose Kurt and  the team over him.
  • Tattoos are cases, but each one comes close to revealing a secret about the team. It will help fill in the blanks.
  • First minutes explain a lot of what has happened in the last 18 months.
  • It changes the dynamics of the team with 2 years. It allows new secrets and changes.


Thanks to the official Blindspot account, here is the WONDERFUL SEASON 3 TRAILER! Enjoy!

The trailer teases Roman’s return, who comes back to into the lives of Jane and the rest of the team to try to destroy them and make Jane pay for her “betrayal.”

“A lot of people are going to die for what you’ve done,” Roman tells his sister, as we catch glimpses of Jane, Weller and the entire FBI team in constant mortal danger. “And I’m going to enjoy every minute of watching you suffer,” he adds. That’s so terrifying, it makes our hair stand on end. Roman is ready for anything.

In addiction, we can see some Jeller flirtation (followed by a few unhappy moments for them), the return of Rich Dotcom and a whole bunch of new, bioluminescent tattoos.

As a surprise and thanks to Dgct2 we have a second trailer:

In this trailer we can see the JELLER WEDDING – I’m literally jumping and screaming from excitment while I write this – and several key moments of the couple supporting each other, working together, as well as some not so great moments. We also learns that they seem to have moved to Colorado.

They also show a lot of action, the whole team – with the addition of Ritch Dotcom – gathered trying to decipher the new tattoos and solve the cases they propose. Roman is back, ready to take revenge on Jane and the team discovers that the new tattoos are connected to the first ones. Patterson seems to be suffering because we see her tied and gagged – no one touches our precious unicorn!

This will be AMAZING!


This time,  also thanks to Dgct2, we have the most relevant information of what our favorite actors have talked about in their interview. Ready to fangirling with Jeller?

  • Sully says: “It took Kurt 2 years to find Jane.‪ ‬And they are all related to her…. And I married her”.
  • ‪Jeller got married at the end of Season 2 but it didn’t end well because Jane had a bounty on her head. Jane left to protect Weller. I just LOVE this.‬
  • Jaimie says that Sully is pure brute force when he does stunts. “ He’s amazing.”
  • Sully broke his nose on the set.
  • Weller is going to smile more this season.‪ Can’t wait!
  • Weller jumps out of a plane this season.
  • They’ll explore ‪Jeller a lot more‬ this season. I need this Season now!
  • Sully says that he would be a very dutiful husband if he had a wife like Jane.

This is all the information that New York Comic-Con has left us about Blindspot. Did you like the trailers and these new scoops or did you expect something different? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!

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