We talked ships that made our hearts full before, but right now we want to get more specific, we want to talk moments – those scenes that made our hearts beat faster, our breaths catch and our eyes water. Those moments that made us feel all the things. Because that’s the best part about TV, isn’t it?

It makes us smile, and laugh and cry, and at times, even fall in love with people who are not real. So, today, let’s celebrate those special instances where what was happening on screen was so powerful it transcended and touched our hearts. And let us also celebrate the fact that we can make a more diverse list this year than we ever have before. May TV continue to give us diverse, healthy couples. May we all see ourselves in the media we consume.

And we start with …

The Captain Swan Wedding, Once Upon A Time

Emma and Hook were two kindred spirits who went through a long journey together, one that entailed making the decision to let go of the past, learning to trust again and opening up themselves to the possibilities of love – even if that meant getting hurt. In this episode, surrounded by their loves ones and a beautiful song that will forever remain theirs, Captain Swan said I do and reaffirmed that, together there’s no storm they can’t outrun. This is, after all, their happy beginning.

Jamie and Claire Reunite, Outlander

This might be the most- anticipated TV moment of the year, and certainly one of the most anticipated Outlander moments ever, and boy, did it deliver. After not seeing each other for twenty years, the moment Jamie and Claire lay eyes on each other again is filled with so much raw emotion that we can’t really blame Jamie for collapsing under the weight of it. It’s not every day that the love of your life, the one you thought lost forever, returns to you.

Kensi Proposes to Deeks, NCIS: Los Angeles


When Sam lost his wife of many years, it reaffirmed the notion in Kensi’s head that life is short – and you gotta take advantage of every second you have, spend it with those you love. And that’s why, after a hard year of rehab, of fighting for her life, fighting to walk again, to come back to work, Kensi, who understands more than most that the next day could be her last, gets down on one knee and asks the man who was there for her every step of the way to continue to be there with her. Not because she’s scared, but because she’s grateful. And because the love they have, the relationship they have, deserves to be celebrated.

WestAllen Proposal, The Flash

Did we ever doubt Barry and Iris would get here? Just because the answer’s no doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the journey, and doesn’t meant that Barry singing “Running Home to You” didn’t leave us squealing and yes, shedding more than one tear. Because the song perfectly encapsulates what the show, and even Barry, as a superhero, are all about. He might be The Flash, but Iris West is his rock, his foundation. And Barry not only knows that, he celebrates it. As he should.

Nicole Asking Waverly How Much of It Was Real, Wynonna Earp

This scene was an intimate and beautiful moment between two people who had missed each other and wanted to reassure the other that they were there and the everything they had done together was real. Nicole asking about the time that Waverly was possessed was a vulnerable moment for her and for us. Waverly’s assurance that she remembered every kiss and every moment was a huge relief and an epic OTP moment.

Rebekah and Marcel Reunite in New York City, The Originals

Now that Rebekah was free she planned on making the most out of her time and her life. What we didn’t expect was for Marcel to come after her and choose her above the home and life he had made in New Orleans. Forgiveness and moving on is a different thing when it comes to immortal’s like these two. And this moment proved that no matter what had happened to them in the past, how they had hurt each other, and how they had let others separate them, they were ready to move on together.

Lucy Saves Wyatt, Timeless

Wyatt saved Lucy a few times, and he and Rufus were ready to do it again after Flynn kidnapped her – except they ended up falling into the trap of H.H Holmes and then Lucy had to save them! It was the perfect moment that encapsulates not just all that was good about the show, but why were fell in love with Lucy and Wyatt. The absolute joy in each other’s faces when they see each other, the way she jumps into his arms, the way he cradles her head. All these feelings and these two aren’t even a couple yet!

Olicity Gets Back Together, Arrow

It took a while to get here – way longer than it should have – but when Oliver and Felicity got back together, it’s like the stars aligned and Arrow suddenly made sense again. Why weren’t they together before? We don’t honestly know, but we’re glad these two figured out that they’re better together, and that the future looks way brighter when they’re facing it by each other’s side.

Evak Moving in Together, Skam


Isak and Even moving in together was important because the former found a home with the latter. Even gave Isak a home and the domestic fluff that he never thought he could or would have. And as per usual with shows like this, it’s important to show healthy relationships between two young people starting their lives together. It isn’t crazy drama all the time like most shows would make you believe. Relationships are full of working together, understandings, and matching outfits if you want to get that domestic with each other.

First Deckerstar Kiss, Lucifer

If there was a kiss we were hoping for, but never expecting, it would be the squeal worthy lip-lock Chloe and Lucifer shared on the beach. They have both come a long way since the days where Chloe barely tolerated his presence, and Lucifer followed Chloe around for his own curiosity. Their unlikely partnership grew into a real friendship that culminated into this highly earned step forward. Lucifer never believed he was worthy of Chloe, but after he eloquently and unwittingly described how much he treasures her, it was hard not to squeal as these two finally took this step forward.

Kadena’s First Kiss, The Bold Type


They had many more milestones afterwards, and many moments that left us smiling and crying and just feeling, but this first kiss stands out as the moment where we truly realized that The Bold Type was willing to tell the story we wanted to see, and try to do it justice. The best part? The scene is not treated differently because we’re seeing an interracial lesbian couple, and our hearts rejoice every time we think about what these two mean, to us, and so many people.

Kastle Comforts Each Other in an Elevator, The Punisher

This scene was intimate AF, because you could tell that they cared for each other, and were scared of what they felt, solely based on body language. The way that they gravitated towards each other, looked into each other’s eyes, and touched foreheads, spoke of an intimacy that they barely understand but respect. And while many people wanted them to kiss to make the scene more intimate, I don’t think they needed anything else. Frank is still mourning and isn’t ready to take that next step. And Karen, in return, understands that and is there for him because she’s a kind and gentle person who’s willing to give people a second chance. They balance each other out.

May Followed Coulson, Agents of SHIELD

May doesn’t trust easy, never has. But there was something about Coulson that drew her in and made her trust him. It speaks of the depth of their bond and how no creation of Aida can keep them separated or ignorant of said bond. And this moment, when she opened her and collapsed into her arms, was full of so much relief and happiness for both May and Coulson. Nothing outside of this moment mattered to them. Not Aida, not the crazy Russian, or the fact that they were in some bunker underwater that they had to escape ASAP.

Lorna and Marcos Create Aurora Borealis, The Gifted

We met Marcos and Lorna as an established couple, kicking ass together, and yet, our favorite moment of theirs has to be the glimpse we got at the beginning of their relationship, at that connection that wasn’t just about bodies, but about souls. They, very literally, bring out the best in each other. And together, they’re beautiful, as the combination of their powers proves.

Jaime and Brienne Meet Again, Game of Thrones

Other couples got to do, ahem, more, but Jaime and Brienne very literally just have to exist in the same space for us to start hyperventilating. Their connection is so strong, the love they share so much a part of them, that they need only to look at each other to know that, though they would never dare speak it out loud, these are two people who’d lay down their lives for each other – and more importantly, two people who won’t stop fighting for each other, even if the fighting doesn’t involve actual swords, but words.

Michonne Thinking Rick Was Dead, The Walking Dead

As soon as the walkers descended on where she saw Rick fall, her life fell apart. And for that brief moment we saw the heartache and pain that Michonne would experience and go through if she lost the partner that she loved. It was heartbreaking and honestly really scary to watch this brave and resilient woman feel such pain in the middle of such chaos. The moment that she saw that he was alive and the hug after was pure relief and feels galore.

Randall and Beth Decide to Foster a Child, This is Us


The truly beautiful thing about Randall and Beth is that they’re a couple that exudes realism and shows us what it truly means to be partners in life. In “A Manny-Splendored Thing,” Randall was having doubts about fostering an older child because he feared the unknown that came with a child with a rough history. Randall and Beth battled about the issue throughout the episode, but it was Beth’s belief in Randall — and belief in them as a team — that led her to this Bandall ship moment. Beth marched right up to her husband and planted a passionate kiss; a kiss that seemed to say, I love you; a kiss that seemed to say, I believe in you; a kiss that seemed to say, we can do this. “Our girls came out good, it’s true,” Beth said. “But we made them great. They make us great. We can do this. You and me, we can do anything.” “I know,” Randall says, and in that moment we were reminded why Randall and Beth are so important. They’re not a picture perfect relationship that we yearn for but know isn’t attainable. They represent everything that’s real about life and about partnerships. And we know they can do anything.

Jeller Wedding, Blindspot

It still almost seems like a dream. They did it. We got to see it. After all the ups and downs, all the pain, all the lies, Kurt and Jane finally got to a place where they could move forward, together, and in front of their friends (their family), they could commit to spending the rest of their lives together. What an amazing journey for a woman who had to remake herself into the person she wanted to be and a man who had to learn to trust when it seemed impossible to do so again.

Mon-El Makes Kara Breakfast, Supergirl


Sometimes the quiet moments mean a lot more than the big, flashy declarations, and for Mon-El, a guy who clearly didn’t know not just how to be a hero, but how to be in a committed relationship, this is a sign that what he has with Kara is important enough for him to put aside the person he might have been while on Daxam and try to be better. Not just a better boyfriend, but a better person.

Lyria Asking Eretria to be Her Queen, The Shannara Chronicles

We don’t see women declaring their love for each other on TV in such a manner. Lyria asked Eretria to be her queen and rule the kingdom of Leah by her side. She trusted Eretria and loved her so much that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Eretria by her side. There wasn’t anything in the kingdom to stop them and even if there was I think Lyria would fight against it with everything she had. As a side note, it’s really nice to think that a fantasy series could have two queens ruling. I know things are really crazy in The Four Lands but I would definitely move to a place like that because of them.

Jake Proposes to Amy, Brooklyn 99


Jake’s proposal to Amy was honest, weird (all the butt talk), and the next step in their relationship. It’s crazy and absolutely Jake to think that he had been planning this for a while and that he got a second cummerbund made just for this occasion. He loves doing the heist every year and he set that aside to do something even more important for himself and for the future that he has with her. That’s OTP.

Did you love these moments as much as we did? What was your ship moment of 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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