‘The Holiday Calendar’: 5 Reasons You Should Watch

It’s that time of the year. You know the time, the holidays, aka the time of year when we are blessed with the so bad that they are good movies. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I suggest that you spend some time watching Christmas movies.

Because they are they best things about this time of year. Netflix, Lifetime, and The Hallmark Channel bless us with the best of the worst, and we embrace them.

This years crop of Christmas movies have started to roll out, and we’ve started to embrace our pajamas and our couches while wading through the tropes and the cliches. We haven’t minded that our asses are expanding and our waistlines are growing. Because it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Netflix released The Holiday Calendar and while it’s no Christmas Prince – maybe that’s a good thing? – it’s definitely a Christmas movie you should watch. Yes, you’ll be asking yourself why you gave up two hours of your life, but I’ll tell you why! Because it’s the holiday season and you’re warming up your bah humbug heart. Okay, maybe that is just my reason. But hey – I go with it.

What did I enjoy about this movie? You know I am about to break this shit down.

Kat Graham

The Vampire Diaries for life. I don’t know about you, but I loved some Vampire Diaries. Now I admit that I hated Bonnie: I thought she was whiny. I was never surprised when she died, cause I knew that she would bounce back. I knew that this girl was always going to survive.

Now. Kat Graham is not a bad actress, but I always wanted to see her in something more. I wanted to see her be someone stronger. BUT, Abby, the character that she plays in The Holiday Calendar is a mix of that whiny character, and the characters that I want to see from Kat. But the movie made me appreciate her a little more.

It reminded me of why I loved her in the first place, and made me feel a little more at home. Who doesn’t need that in the world?

The Family You Wish You Had

Okay, maybe it’s just the family that I wish I had for the holidays. Now, I will be honest, I avoid my family at all costs for the holidays. People are so needy, whiny, and overwhelming for the holidays. I hate the holidays.

Call me the Grinch, and you would not be wrong.

But that being said, I don’t think that I hate the holidays, because I love giving gifts. I am pretty good at it. If holidays didn’t always result in arguments, maybe I wouldn’t hate being around people for them.

I loved Abby’s family in the movie. Yes, they are a little too much, but her relationship with her Grandpa is always entertaining. And the love that he has for her reigns supreme.

I love that.

Presents, Presents, Presents

One of my favorite things growing up was an advent calendar. I loved knowing I’d get candy everyday. Look, don’t judge me, I was a fat kid whose parent’s reminded them every second that they were fat. BUT I loved the holidays,  because I would get chocolate. And I hate chocolate.

Now, Abby’s calendar didn’t give her chocolate. It gave her little clues to the day. Clues as to what would happen.

I like that. I like things growing and things changing. I like feeling like there is something to figure out: clues to find. That’s always fun to me.

Also – I love presents. But who doesn’t?

Best Friend Trope

Lord, falling in love isn’t easy. Sometimes we are completely blind to those around us. Sometimes I think that we’re blind to what is around us because we don’t want to lose what is comfortable.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate tropes. It doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate it being thrown in my face that the trope exists. Hell, how many times have we all been dumb fucks and not seen what is in front of us?

I love seeing the best friend trope. I can’t wait to see more of it. I don’t give a fuck how cliched it is. I embrace it.

Give me all the best friend tropes.

Satisfying Predictable Ending

Now lets all be honest, the thing about Christmas movies is that you know that they are predictable. You know that they aren’t going to be the best thing in the world. But you also know that predictable isn’t a bad thing. It provides a sense of comfort.

It is satisfying.

It makes you remember what you love. It’s the time of year where everything is difficult in real life, so why not have something that makes it easy. This is the time of year that I love predictability.

Yes give us all the tropes and predictability.

The Holiday Calendar is streaming now on Netflix.


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