‘The Bold Type’ 4×07 Review: ‘The Space Between’

The Bold Type always manages to deliver great hours of television. Its mix of humor, seriousness, and its focus on the beautiful friendship and individuality of its characters is something so wonderful.

But what’s also so incredible about this show is how it’s able to address important topics in our world. Topics that aren’t necessarily talked about enough.

Ever since The Bold Type introduced the storyline of Jane having the BRCA mutation, it’s uncovered another facet of her character and set up a myriad of potential storylines. Perhaps the most important decision took place in this episode, as Kat looked to create her own space in society and Sutton struggled to deal with the stress of her stylist dreams.

Let’s break down this episode of The Bold Type:

Living for the Future

Freeform/Pantazidis Panagiotis

Things have been looking up for Jane Sloan, who after her appearance on a women’s health panel took an important step in her career. Now, she’s being considered for Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

That is, until Jane discovers a lump on her breast. She immediately goes to the doctor and has it checked out, sitting in the silence of her own mind for what surely felt like an eternity. But she gets reassuring news: It was just a cyst and she’s fine…for now.

Those two words sit with Jane.

For. Now.

But what about the future?

Jane decides to use one of her many sick days to spend the day with Ryan, where they spend time together doing anything and everything in Central Park. Whether that’s riding bikes, running the bases of a baseball diamond, or dancing together, Jane is living life in her Ferris Bueller moment.

After getting the reassuring news, it’s clear Jane has a newfound sense for life knowing she’s okay for now. She’s acting more carefree, enjoying the little things. And then the lady from Forbes calls to conduct her interview with Jane, and realization suddenly dawns on her during the interview.

Jane gets real honest in her interview, where she admits it meant everything to her until today. Because it’s too hard for Jane to imagine life after 30 because of the risk she knows she carries with her every day. Her mom died of breast cancer when she was 32. So for Jane, celebrating all of her achievements before 30 feels like she’s writing her own obituary. Life after 30 isn’t guaranteed for her, not with the BRCA mutation.

Jane felt alive for the first time in a long time during her day off with Ryan. And she wants to feel like that every day. That feeling that nothing can stop her. Including breast cancer.

So Jane knows her options — live with the fear and risk or remove the risk entirely. That’s when she decides she’s going to get a double mastectomy, she tells Ryan, because she wants to be around for a long time. And this is the best way to ensure that.

Considering what Jane is about to go through, she tries to give Ryan an out. Allow him to leave and not have to deal with the difficulties that will come with the surgery. But Ryan isn’t going anywhere. “There’s no way this is where our story ends. I’m in this.” Sure, it’s going to be hard. But he’d never abandon her.

Creating Her Own Space

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Things aren’t exactly easy for Kat when Adena is around, which makes for some uncomfortable interactions in this episode considering Adena is working a shoot for Scarlet. Given the love these two shared, there’s always going to be feelings, and both are determined not to be reminded of the fact.

But if you thought things were awkward before, things get more complicated when Kat lets it slip that she had been casually seeing a guy. Adena was clearly uncomfortable by the whole thing — and not just because Kat was seeing someone else. She was uncomfortable that she was seeing a man.

Adena, who originally invited Kat to this massive party, tells her she shouldn’t come because the lesbian community frowns upon bisexuals. At this point, Kat is so unbelievably frustrated by the fact that she doesn’t seem to belong. And she’s tired of trying to find a way to fit in.

She’s not black, but she’s not white. She’s not gay, but she’s not straight. She exists in the in-between, and she feels the pressure of trying to fit in when she doesn’t. Luckily, Oliver is there for some encouragement. Kat has to create her own space. Live her own journey. She should be proud of who she is.

Ultimately, Oliver attends the party with Kat, and she learns that lesbians have no issue with bisexuals. In fact, Kat has a decent time. But Adena is clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing.

The tension comes to a head the next day at Scarlet, where Kat calls her out for lying to her face. Kat doesn’t have an issue with bisexuals, but she has an issue with Kat being bisexual. Mostly because Adena wonders if Kat was just going through a phase with her, if the feelings were real? But those feelings were real, Kat tells her.

Still, Adena doesn’t think they should be friends. They need to keep it professional. Something tells me this story is far from over.

Stuck in Limbo

Freeform/Laurent Guerin

There’s no denying that Sutton has all of the talent and potential in the world as a stylist. We’ve seen firsthand what she’s been able to accomplish as Oliver’s assistant. But we’re getting to a point where Sutton isn’t content with just being an assistant.

Sutton is at a point where she’s tired of doing all of the work without the payoff. It’s a brutal thing, to pay your due. Sure, it’ll make success all the much sweeter when you eventually get there. But no one wants to be stuck in that limbo for an extended period of time.

Sutton has been trying to build her Instagram page — Style by Sutton — in hopes that it’ll help land her a promotion as a stylist. And when it seems like the perfect opportunity is placed in her lap — to style Alice Knight — she can’t pass it up. But things go horribly wrong, as Alice doesn’t like the looks Sutton brought — because they’re store bought and not from Scarlet. Because assistants don’t have access.

Alice goes off on Sutton about how she lied about being a stylist, which she didn’t, and calls Oliver, which prompts him to call Sutton by her actual name, again.

Sutton feels stuck. Work is a mess, Instagram is a mess. She feels like she’s spiraling. Without him there, it’s really hard for her. Richard is coming home to be there for her.

Things are falling apart for Sutton. She feels stuck where she’s at. While Richard is making a difference out there, Sutton is stuck as an assistant with no future in her immediate line of sight. Work sucks, the Instagram page sucks, and she’s been going through all of this without her fiance. That makes it all the more difficult, and she tells him such.

Now, Richard is coming home to be there for Sutton. Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve got a wedding to plan.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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