EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chelsea Rendon from Starz 'Vida' Talks Latinx Stories & More!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chelsea Rendon from Starz ‘Vida’ Talks Latinx Stories & More!

Staz Vida star Chelsea Rendon returned to Fangirlish to talk that tense moment when Mari faced ICE, being Latina on screen, and what’s next for her when the hit series is over. And let us tell you, Rendon isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything, she’s gearing up for more Latinx content and we are here for it! So, sit back, relax, and check out our interview with Chelsea Rendon!

1. Mari witnessed that shocking ICE arrest, what was going through her head during that scene?

I think that she was just so shocked and so angry, and the fact that she was so powerless, made it horrible for her. Because she wanted to do something but she couldn’t. At the end of the scene she’s just staring at the mother and daughter that are crying on the sidewalk. There’s nothing she can do.

2. How was it filming something like that? What did you learn about yourself?

I actually got heatstroke. I was just so angry. I was actually heating up on the inside. And then it was also super hot that day and I was riding a bike. So, by the end of the scene I had to get electrolytes from the medic and get an ice pack. So I was definitely too invested in the scene. And I learned that I’m committed as hell and that I need to take a chill pill. 

3. Mari has always been the one to do the right thing when it comes to family. How is that going to change now that she found out her dad left her nothing?

Well I think it’s just that…the whole thing with Mari’s dads death, she now doesn’t have the weight of her father, holding her down. So, I think she’s finally going to be able to become the woman that she’s meant to become. I’m hoping that this will make her stronger and give her like more fire. Like, “I did everything and wow, I still wasn’t good enough.” It ends up being a positive thing for her because it fuels her more.

4. How are you feeling now that everything is starting to wrap up with Vida?

It’s a little weird because we’re not being able to be around each other but then we’re still communicating. And I really think it’s gonna feel like it’s ending like the week of the series finale. I think that’s when it’s going to feel like it’s over. But it created a family. So, even though Vida isn’t going to be airing anymore we’re still all connected. We all got matching tattoos. We’re connected.

Credit – Vince Trupsin

5. How was it working with the talented Tanya Saracho?

It was so great. She’s just so passionate. She’s like so on top of what she wants and how to execute it. It just gave me like more hope. Because I’ve always wanted to produce and direct. I knew I wanted to get there one day. I just didn’t think it would be anytime now. But seeing her completely murder a scene, and kill everything that she goes after, I’m like, “Fuck it. I’m gonna do it now!” So I’m in the process of producing my own rom com.

Last we talked, we officially got the money. We’re just kind of going through things, point by point. So, I’m hoping once this gets underway we can figure things out. It depends too because there’s going to be so many things trying to get filmed at the same time and I don’t know if there’s enough crew to do it all.

6. Is this also going to be all about Latinos as well?

Well, I’m going to be the Latina lead. And the male love interest is black. And when I read the script I got the vibes of old school rom coms. So I’m really excited for people to see what they think. Again, I’m playing a Latina but we’re not throwing the Latino in your face. I’m just a person existing. So, I’m really excited to see what happens when we get to shoot, when it comes out, and when we get to see what people think of it.

7. Last time we spoke, you mentioned vegging out and doing all the sleeping in in comparison to Carlos, is that still the same?

Yes. It’s so sad. I’m not motivated. It’s so sad. I feel like I’ve been productive now that we’ve been doing press. Like, I’ll wake up and put some makeup on to do an interview. But then I take it off. And I consider TV research, cuz technically I’m an actor. So, I give myself that excuse.

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

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