MIA: Trixie Espinoza on ‘Lucifer’ Season 6

Trixie Espinoza - Lucifer Season 6
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  1. Maggz says:

    I really want an alternative ending to be filmed. Obviously want Trixie there with her Mom, and Sister- for me T could have just left Rory & Chloe alone for the scene they showed and then come bk into the room to sit with her sister after Chloe had died. Those two being together would have been a much stronger and emotional link to the scene with Chloe and Imenadiel in heaven. I’d also have liked a slow pan around the room lingering on photos of Dan with Chloe and Trixie, Lucifer with Dan and Chloe and Trixie, Lucifer, Trixie and Chloe plus photos showing the life with Chloe and her two girls to bridge that gap. It would have helped us all so much.

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