In Defense of Penelope Featherington of ‘Bridgerton’

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  1. Saricka says:

    I feel like people aren’t seeing Penelope as a character in her own rights and they’re judging her off of previous existing characters that they’ve known like this gossip girl and early 2000s tabloids and pretty little liars -A

    When that’s not fair. Her writing is so much more it challenges the status quo. The holds a mirror up to society and showing nobody is perfect.

  2. LJones66 says:

    I won’t join you, because I feel this is bullshit. Penelope has no excuse. There is nothing empowering or positive about being a gossip columnist. And if you’re using Marina’s attempt to marry Colin as an example, it doesn’t work with me. Penelope had no problem with helping Marina find a more attractive husband to act as father for her baby. But when Marina fixed her eyes on Colin, Penelope’s jealousy and selfishness came out to the core. And instead of exposing Marina’s deceit to Colin QUIETLY AND PRIVATELY, Penelope used the Lady Whistledown column to openly expose her, causing a good deal of damage to Marina, the Featheringtons and herself. And what she did to Eloise was equally disgusting, due to her own class bigotry. I hope that both Eloise and Marina never forgive her.

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