‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review: “Go Big, Go Holmes!”

Enola Holmes 2 has already arrived on our screens! The movie far surpasses the first part and improves it in every way. We review!

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Gets Fancy in its World Premiere!

Enola Holmes 2 is close! Yesterday was the premiere and we have the best images and interviews on the red carpet. Shall we go big, go Holmes?

‘Enola Holmes’ Posters and Sneak Peek Say Go Big, Go Holmes!

Enola Holmes 2 is just a few weeks away! Netflix released character posters and a sneak peek with our ship in the middle.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Shares a New and Fighter Trailer!

Netflix released a new trailer for Enola Holmes 2 that fully introduces us to Enola’s struggle to make a name for herself in a world of men.

Netflix’s TUDUM Releases ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Trailer and We Love It!

Millie Bobby Brown presents the trailer for the fan-favorite movie Enola Holmes 2 at TUDUM and we can’t wait to see it!

’Enola Holmes 2’ First Look & Date Announcement Are Here!

Enola Holmes will brighten our year soon! Also, the first images from the movie are here and WE. CAN’T. WAIT. Read the news!

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Is A Go With Millie Bobby Brown And Henry Cavill

There’s a sequel coming for #EnolaHolmes and we have to admit, we’re excited for it!

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 105: ‘Enola Holmes’ Review

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‘Enola Holmes’: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Enola Holmes just dropped a few days ago on Netflix. The story follows the youngest Holmes sibling, Enola, as she looks for her mother throughout London, trying to outsmart her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock. She disguises herself, swaps clothes, shares…

‘Enola Holmes’ Review: “Badass Since Always”

It’s here! Enola Holmes has just been released, and hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy it.  As we discussed in our advanced review, we loved it! It has it all: mystery, action, intrigue, a badass lead, complex characters, and life lessons that make you…

‘Enola Holmes’ Is Out Today! Check out some Featurettes

Enola Holmes is now out on Netflix! And trust us, this is one you want to watch. One of the reasons why, of course, is because this cast is just amazingly talented, and they have so much good chemistry together.…

Netflix Releases More ‘Enola Holmes’ Pictures

We’re super excited for you to watch Enola Holmes. We’ve already waxed poetic about it in our advanced review, and we will surely have a lot more to say once we can actually, you know, talk spoilers. But we can…

‘Enola Holmes’ Advanced Review: Our Future Is Up To Us

We just watched Enola Holmes! And it’s everything we expected and more. We can’t tell you much for now, but we promise that you will love her. This is a story about struggled, freedom, overcoming obstacles, a story about finding oneself…

5 Reasons We’re Excited for ‘Enola Holmes’

Two days ago Netflix published the trailer for Enola Holmes and….we’re really looking forward to it! We can’t wait to enjoy this fascinating story. and all the surprises that await us with it.   So we had to make a list…

The Teaser For ‘Enola Holmes’ Has Dropped and We’re Intrigued

The teaser for #EnolaHolmes dropped and I am mostly just wondering who was high enough to name their kid Enola.

Check Out The ‘Enola Holmes’ First Look Photos

I’m not sure if we do care about Enola Holmes – or if we would have cared under normal circumstances, that is, but Millie Bobby Brown is playing the titular role, and there’s our favorite Witcher, Henry Cavill, plus it’s…

Sam Claflin Boards The ‘Enola Holmes’ Adaptation

I was never one for mysteries. Anything Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes never made me want to pay attention. I was never one that cared about solving mysteries, unless it was how so and so developed abs that I couldn’t…

The Internet Really, REALLY appreciates Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes

The trailer for Enola Holmes was released a few days ago, and if there’s one thing the internet collectively decided after the release of the fun, engaging peek at the movie, is that …well, Henry Cavill looks really, really good…

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Netflix Global Fan Event TUDUM Set To Deliver Major Sneak Peeks

Netflix’s annual TUDUM fan event is baaaack and boy is it about to deliver some major sneak peeks. The free virtual event is chock full of content for some of our favorite shows and films and we really look forward…