If you have not yet watched  Atypical on Netflix, do it NOW.  It’s hilarious, witty, endearing, thought provoking, and sometimes heartbreaking.  Atypical is about a family raising their autistic son and HIS/their daily challenges and triumphs with life.  I loved watching it, and  I’m so glad I stumbled upon it,Read More →

Hello Siren Fans! How have you been? It’s been a long hot summer and I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready for fall and the television that it brings. I’ve compiled a list of songs that I’m calling the “Siren Sound track” I know, its really original huh? Read More →

Hello my lovelies! Siren season 1 drew to a close last night, and ended on a high note. The song of the siren plays a huge role in the finale. Ryn is sticking by Donna’s side, as she is close to dying from her bullet wound, courtesy of Xander.  DeckerRead More →

Well, I am happy. At least one of my shows got renewed! And not just renewed, but extended to 16 episodes! I told you guys Siren has been on point so far, and now that Chris is on his way to “Iowa,” Siren can be even better! Finding mermaids was justRead More →

Happy Mothers Day! Our day to get the recognition we deserve is almost here and I am so excited to see my homemade art project made of clay and finger paint and my Starbucks gift card. (Sarcasm guys) I don’t know about you, but after my Mother’s Day brunch IRead More →

The people in Siren are not having a good week. We catch up with them grieving the loss of Xander’s dad, Sean, and Ryn figuring out what it means to be “human”.  Pretty much the entire town comes out to celebrate the life of Sean.  We found out last weekRead More →

Hello my Sunday couch potatoes! Do you know what I love to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Get your mind out of the gutter! I love to watch movies and chill.  There are three things you need to relax and get your heart rate down: a blankie, a comfyRead More →

Hello and welcome back Siren fans! This week we got some backstory on Maddie, Ryn got questioned by the police, and Ben, Xander and stupid Chris went on a hunt – er um quest – for Donna. Ryn took a little bit of a backseat this week as other charactersRead More →

Welcome Back, Siren Fans!  A lot went down in tonight’s episode and  several plot points were revealed.  Siren is finding its groove, story wise and if they keep this up, they might get a season 2.  Ryn, gives us a much needed backstory on her sister Donna, and Baddie try toRead More →

Welcome back ,Siren fans! Last week I basically summed up 3 episodes for you, just in case you just started watching Siren with my first review.  I had a lot of positive things to say about it, but I also had some rants.  The premise of Siren is a goodRead More →

“Beware of the mermaids, with their hair of rainbow, their eyes of indigo. They are but illustrious raptors, pretty and beastly. Damned souls from the underworld, predators of the sea.” – Conny Cernik  Never a truer word was spoken.  Siren is Free Form’s newest sci-fi drama and if you’re into mermaidRead More →