Arrow: 6 Reasons Why Olicity Will Reunite in Season 5

Olicity Arrow 4x08One of the most-talked about elements of Arrow is the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. And rightfully so. The electric chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards lights up the screen week-in and week-out, and there’s such a love and trust between Oliver and Felicity that makes their relationship so real to so many people.

While season four began happily for Olicity and shippers alike, things soon turned south in the second half of the season following some baby mama drama that we still feel was unnecessary and crafted only to create tropey drama. While things got better for the two, there was never really any resolution to their break-up, which left it to be resolved in between seasons four and five.

When season five picks up, things aren’t exactly going to be paradise for Olicity fans. The pair aren’t together romantically, and it sounds like Felicity has a boyfriend. But that’s no reason to panic. Just look at how season four began last year – happy – and how it ended – not so happy.

While we can only wish we were a fly on the wall in the Arrow writers’ room, there are plenty of signs that we can observe as to why an Olicity reunion is inevitable this season.

Here are 6 reasons why Oliver and Felicity will reunite romantically in Arrow’s fifth season:

1. They love each other.

It’s perhaps the simplest and most important reason. When you love someone you don’t truly let them go. When you love someone they become a part of you. When you love someone you find strength in each other. Every hero has his one true love story, and for Oliver Queen on Arrow that’s Felicity Smoak. And Felicity’s one true love story is Oliver. There might be bumps along the way, but true love always finds a way to overcome.

2. They’re stronger together.

If Oliver and Felicity have proven anything it’s that they’re stronger together than apart, whether that’s romantically or professionally. They make each other better people; they bring out the best in each other; they know and understand that. So no matter what happens – even if they date other people – that doesn’t lessen the significance and strength of their relationship. Sometimes a couple that’s fated to be just has to take the longer route to each other.


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3. They’re going to grow as individuals.

One of the obstacles for Oliver and Felicity this season is their personal struggles that they need to overcome. Before Oliver and Felicity can work on mending their romantic relationship, they need to work on themselves as individuals. Both have significant issues they need to deal with on their own – Oliver with balancing being the mayor of Star City and the Green Arrow, and Felicity dealing with the fallout of Havenrock. They’re not ready to go down that road yet until they fix themselves. But I have no doubt they’ll work through their personal issues to find their way back to each other.

4. The theme is legacy, and they’re a part of each others.

One of the overarching themes of Arrow’s fifth season is going to be legacy, as noted by producers. While that legacy will certainly relate to Oliver Queen and Team Arrow’s impact in terms of protecting Star City and the people in it, that legacy will also fall in their personal lives. To quote Hamilton, “Legacy is planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Legacy is something you leave behind. That legacy will also include the impact they leave on the world in ways that aren’t related to Team Arrow, like family. Our characters are going to be thinking about their legacy, and I’m sure family is going to be one aspect of that, which is sure to get Oliver and Felicity thinking about their future together.

5. There’s no more drama to be had.

There’s no denying that the Arrow producers have elected to take the long road to happily ever after with Oliver and Felicity. While the first half of Arrow season four showed Olicity in a healthy relationship dealing with certain struggles in a relationship, the producers then forced unnecessary drama upon the two in the form of Oliver’s son. But the son wasn’t the area where they messed up. They could’ve shown Oliver and Felicity working through that together – even mirror it to Felicity’s estrangement with her father – but they elected to have them breakup and leave that storyline unresolved heading into the offseason. You’d think that the producers have exhausted the tropey drama angles, including the popular, “I can’t be with you and be the Green Arrow.” This is the final tropey, dramatic hurdle the two have to face in the “will-they-won’t-they” aspect before they can truly face the world as a couple.

6. They’re endgame.

Simple as that. Sure, Oliver and Felicity aren’t exactly taking the shortcut to a happily ever after, but where would be the fun in that? Their relationship grows the stronger every time they’re tested. When all is said and done, there will be nothing that can tear Oliver and Felicity apart because of those adversaries they have and will overcome. Plus, the writers have shown us time and time again that Olicity is endgame. They’re just not making it easy on us.

Arrow returns for season five on Wednesday, Oct. 5 on The CW.

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