‘The Baker & The Beauty’ Star Nathalie Kelley Speaks Out About The Shows Cancellation

Alright ABC, I have to agree with Nathalie Kelley. You were completely tone deaf to cancel The Baker and The Beauty. Personally, she’s being kind when that is what she says about you.

We live in a world where people who make choices in Hollywood have no idea what is going on. They make decisions based off what quickly takes, what can make them the most money right now, and are afraid to stick in for the long run.

Because the truth is that we need to change the way that the world is. We need to give people education, representation, and we need to embrace the diversity that is out there.

And ABC – I feel like you dropped the ball on this one. Nathalie Kelley opened up about the cancellation of The Baker and the Beauty and she wasn’t holding back.

“We are seeing now more than ever that representation is important for Black and brown people of color. How we are represented on our television shows determines how society sees us, and the empathy and support they will grant our communities. When we are constantly depicted as narcos and maids, we can’t expect to find favor with voters when they go to the polls and elect leaders who will decide on the fate of immigrants.”

Baker and the Beauty is a show that depicts Latin families as warm, lovable, full of joy and compassion and humor,” Kelley added in her statement. “A cancellation by ABC means that there are now no shows on the networks with a Latinx cast. At a time when the public is marching in the streets demanding representation and diversity this is an extremely tone deaf decision.”

She is right.

We encourage you all to sign the Change.org petition for The Baker and The Beauty. We’re hoping that someone else picks it up, because this show is stories that deserve to be told.

And ABC – you were wrong to cancel this one.

Sign the petition here!

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  1. I absolutely love this show and I’m so sad to see ABC cancel it. I agree with Nathalie and you, the decision is completely tone deaf. It is 2020 and shows like this matter SO much. I hope someone else is noticing because this show deserves a great home.

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