Michael Keaton In Early Talks For ‘The Flash’ Movie

Every time I hear anything about The Flash movie, if we’re being honest, I cringe. Why? Ezra Miller as The Flash just is not something I can see and maybe that’s because he’s not my favorite actor.

But as much as I didn’t think that it would ever be a movie that I would watch – that was until it was announced that Michael Keaton was in talks to possibly return as Batman.

And in my opinion that’s to save the movie. Cause Michael Keaton is more than this movie deserves. I thought they’d go the Batfleck route – cause this seems like this movie would be that kind of trash.

But Michael Keaton? That changes the game.

According to The Wrap, the talks are in the early stages. The Flash movie will have, “idea of the multiverse, one of the of core concepts underpinning DC Comics” and “allows several different versions of the same characters to simultaneously exist and, occasionally, interact.”

So wait – there is still a chance for Batfleck? FML.

But wait – the other thing that I care about when it comes to this – does this fuck with Robert Pattinson as Batman? Cause I would have some big issues. But, ““The Batman” will not be affected and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is still viewed as the future of the franchise.”

Ok, I can deal with that.

Keaton played Batman back in 1989 and paved the way for a new generation of superhero movies.

What do you think of The Flash movie? Are you as disinterested as I am?

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