Josh Gad Shares A Text Message He Received From Chadwick Boseman

If we’re being honest, 2020 has been somewhat of a shit show. Well not even somewhat – it’s a full fledged shit show. It’s been a year filled with pain, loss, loneliness, and a test to the human spirit.

The truth is I don’t know how to feel about anything anymore. The weight of the world – the pain and the loss that we have been experiencing is too much. Depression and anxiety have hit like no other.


And with the loss of Chadwick Boseman, there is another level of pain that hit. I didn’t know the man personally. I only knew his movies,his charity work and the way that he gave to others. I only knew the things I saw in the media.

And like all of you, I never knew that he was sick. I never knew anything about the man personally. But his death hit me hard. When I was texted the link to the post on Twitter announcing his passing, I burst out in tears. I didn’t know why I was grieving, but it felt so real and so deep.

And it continues to feel that. I’m laying here in bed, watching Black Panther as my eyes fill with tears, trying to find meaning. And the truth is that the only thing that I can come up with is that some people just change you and their spirit shines. Some people are put on this earth to inspire, to lead, and to awaken the parts of you that you didn’t know were closed off.

Josh Gad shared the final text that he received from Chadwick and as corny as it sounds, I found purpose in something I didn’t know I needed.

“I urge you to go outside and take a DEEP breath,” Chadwick wrote. “Nothing how fresh the air is right now, after our skies have had a 3 week break from the usual relentless barrage of fumes from bumper to bumper LA commuters, and no today’s rain has given the City of Angels a long overdo and much-needed shower.”

And so I will go outside and take a deep breath. It may not be in the rain, but it will be knowing that Chadwick is at peace and his legacy will live forever.

Heaven gained one of the greats.

Heaven truly gained a king. Rest in Peace and Power, Chadwick.

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