‘Single Drunk Female’ Renewed For Season 2

one of the best shows we’ve seen this year, #singledrunkfemale was renewed for a second season. we’re excited!

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×10 Review: “The Wedding”

#SingleDrunkFemale’s first season ends and we’re just so proud of Sam and her strength. So very proud.

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×09 Review: “Higher Parent”

Sam is celebrating a year of sobriety and we’re excited for her! But we have to admit we’re worried about someone else.

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×08 Review: “James”

Felt like this episode could have been flashbacks in other episodes at some points and in the same breathe we know it was important for us to get to know James.

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×07: “New York”

Sam wants to return to New York, but when she gets there is that really where she wants to be?

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×06 Review: “Look Me Up Sometime”

Single Drunk Female continues to cement itself as one of the smartest and insightful shows on TV. The latest episode included.

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×05 Review: “Sober For The D And V”

Sam is horny AF and she’s not down to wait a year into sobriety to get some D or V. But we want her to succeed

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×03: “I’m Sorry, But…”

One day at a time. Sam is definitely learning to live that way in episode 3 of #SingleDrunkFemale.

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×02: “One Day At A Time”

Sam is going through a lot and the least supportive person is her Mom. Like for real, her Mom is straight up selfish

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

Single Drunk Female is one of the smartest, innovative, and most personable shows that we’ve seen in a long time. Good job Freeform!

‘Single Drunk Female’ 1×01 Photos: ‘Pilot’

We may have already seen the first two episodes for #SingleDrunkFemale and you should definitely watch it. See the photos for the pilot here!