‘Blindspot’: Spoiler Roundup + Awards!

Blindspot fans have many good reasons to be happy! The countdown is running out and there are only 5 DAYS left! Are you as excited as we are? In addition, yesterday the  gala for the “Action Icon Awards” was held, with very good news for Blindspot. And, as if that’s not enough, we have some interesting new scoops about Season 3.

Here we go !


Jaimie was nominated in the category “Action Iconic” of these awards and, how could it be otherwise, OUR GIRL WON !.

From all of us at Fangirlish, we want to say Congratulations on such a well deserved prize!  Jaimie always kicks ass in her action and scenes, and it’s easy to tell that she works hard every day to improve even more. Good job, Jaimie!

Thanks to Blindspot France and Liiih we have several photos of Jaimie during the event and the red carpet.


This time, thanks to Tv Guide, we know that Blindspot has a bigger surprise in store for us than we might have anticipated.

A character we said goodbye to a long time will be back. This surprising turn will mean bad news for a particular Team Blindspot agent, who had a special connection with the returning person.

That connection can become a poisoned gift, since the returning character helps the agent out of a situation where his life is threatened by someone really evil. However, that help may be a double edged sword, because this character’s goal is to get something from the agent while they’re still alive. After they get what they want, it could be curtains for one of the main cast.


Any idea who this character might be? After reading it, I have immediately thought of: Carter, Mayfair and Borden. Those are the three characters that occurred to me that long ago disappeared but had a significant connection with one of the team members.

However, Mayfair could almost be ruled out, since she died in Jane’s arms and it would be somewhat difficult for Blindspot to show us that she is still alive.

As for Carter, it would also be difficult to show that he lives after they have created a plot around his death after the shooting of Oscar … but it would not be impossible.

The most likely scenario is Borden. We considered him dead after that big explosion, but we never really saw his body and we didn’t see him die on the screen. Blindspot could bring him back to life and it would really be surprising for everyone, especially Patterson.

We should also mention that it may not be a return from the clutches of Death, if not simply a return of someone who has not been in the show for some time, such as Allie. Although I don’t know if something like that would actually qualify as a great surprise.

What do you think?.


EW has also brought us some hints about our favorite show, more specifically on the return of Ritch Dotcom.

Rich has been working at the FBI during the 18 month time jump, but he has a secondary job with a surprising member of the team, who could return to hunt them down.

Who do you think Ritch is allied with? The name that first comes to my mind is Patterson, although it could also be the new director of the FBI.

Do you like these new developments? Are you happy about Jaimie’s award?. What are your theories about this new information? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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