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Chicago Fire 10x22 Stellaride wedding
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  1. Rich says:

    Brettsy’s fate is all about real world factors. Chicago Fire has been renewed through season 11. If season 11 is the last season, then the distance relationship can stay and Fire could end with Casey coming back for the final 2 episodes and saying that he is moving back to Chicago and he could propose to Brett. However, One Chicago wins Wednesday nights and my guess is that they are negotiating extensions for all three shows. Last time, they were all renewed for 3 seasons. Assuming a 2-3 year renewal, Brettsy is doomed and my guess is that they are probably already negotiating an extension. Their relationship has not felt the same with Casey offscreen, how could it? When Jesse Spencer left he said he was open to a return down the road. His most recent comments have been along the lines of “never say never” to a return, making the chances of his return as a series regular or even a recurring character very unlikely. Given that, I think they are breaking up. Casey giving his ax to Gallo and saying it belongs in Chicago is symbolic of his not returning and also passing the torch to the younger generation. Sylvie’s acknowledgement of the life Casey built in Portland and the life she has in Chicago is a recognition that Casey isn’t coming back to Chicago and that she isn’t moving to Portland. They didn’t officially break up so as not to detract from Stellaride’s wedding. I expect Brettsy’s breakup will become official in the first couple of episodes of Season 11.

    I hated what they did with Dr. Blake and Dr. Marcel. Hated, hated hated it She puts a life and death decision in his hands rather than her own daughter??? She isn’t estranged from her daughter and her relationship with Dr. Marcel is very new. Heck, she hasn’t even known Marcel for a year. They could have had the surgery end unsuccessfully without Dr. Marcel making a decision Dr. Blake disagreed with and have her accept a teaching job at John’s Hopkins or another medical school if they need to break them up. Even if they stay together, now Dr. Blake is going to be upset with Dr. Marcel for making a tough decision? Just awful.

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