The Jonas Brothers Talk About Maintaining Relationships With Other Disney Stars

We’ve always wondered if the Disney actors of the past kept in touch. Well, The JoBros gave some insight to that.

The Jonas Brothers Are Going On Tour

Nightmares of trying to get Taylor Swift tickets will forever stick with us and cause us stress, but we definitely are trying for the #JoBros tour

It’s The ‘Jonas Brothers’ World And We’re Just Living In It

It’s the Jonas Brothers world and we’re just living in it. Our credit cards may not have accepted it, but we’ve accepted that now.

Sophie Turner Has Plenty To Say About Her Husband Once Wearing A Purity Ring

We ❤️ Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. We love them even more knowing that they can laugh and have a good time.

See The Poster For ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’

Being roasted is definitely not high on our list of things we want done to us, but hey, we’re not The Jonas Brothers.

What To Watch: Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers

Look, we’re here for the Olympics, and for the Jonas Brothers. So it stands to reason we’d be here for Olympic Dreams ft Jonas Brothers.

See The Latest Promo For ‘The Jonas Brothers’ Upcoming Special

We’re excited for the Olympics Games, but we have to admit we’re equally as excited for ‘Olympic Dreams’ with The Jonas Brothers!

The Jonas Brothers Set To Release New Song During Olympic Trials

Will this be the song of the Olympics? We think it may be. We’re just happy that we keep getting stuff from The Jonas Brothers.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘A Week Away’ Stars Talks About The Movie And A Possible Sequel

We love A Week Away!We had a chance to chat with its stars Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling about the movie.

Nick Jonas Would Love To Portray Bruce Springsteen

Nick Jonas and his want to portray this rocker is something I never thought I would see coming. It was not on my bingo card.

Nick Jonas Pulls Double Duty On ‘SNL’

Nick Jonas pulled double duty on SNL by hosting and being the musical guest. And can we just say, he did a fabulous job. He also is very easy to look at. We all have thought it, he is a…

Hot Links: Here’s What We’re Reading This Week

Here are the best links from the internet about topics we didn’t have a chance to go deep in during the week of January 17-22.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: ‘Dash & Lily’ Episode 8: Living, Forgiveness, and The Strand

This ending of #DashAndLily hit me hard. I screamed, yelled, jumped, and cried my eyes out. And best of all, I found the holiday spirit.

10 Songs That Get Us In A Spring/Summer Mood

It’s day whatever of being under quarantine, and while we know that our Spring and Summer is looking a bit different this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a good time. Music is life, and it’s one of…

You Can Win A BBQ With The Jonas Brothers

Celebrities have been joining the All In Challenge in order to raise money for pandemic relief. The latest to join – The Jonas Brothers. Kevin, Joe, and Nick will fly to your city, come to your house, host a BBQ,…

See The Trailer for Quibi’s “Cup of Joe”

My Jonas Brothers loving heart is happy. Not only is Happiness Continues airing on Amazon, we’ve received the trailer for Cup of Joe and we’re thrilled. If you aren’t familiar with the show, Cup of Joe features Joe Jonas as…

Decade Roundtable: The Most Influential Band of the Decade

Music. We couldn’t live without it. It sets a mood. It sets a tone. It changes things. When we’re looking back over the past decade we have to say that One Direction made major changes to the music scene this…

The Jonas Brothers Release “Like It’s Christmas”

Bahumbug. Yes, I love Christmas movies, but Christmas songs aren’t my thing. That was until I heard that The Jonas Brothers were putting out new Christmas music. Then my whole perspective changed, because I love nothing more than supporting them.…

The 10 books we are looking forward to reading this Fall

Sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes will soon be replacing those shorts, flip flops, and iced coffees, as we prepare for fall. With summer ending, it’s time to start gathering up those fall reads.  If you are unsure of what…

10 Jonas Brothers Songs That Bring Out My Inner Fangirl

When the Jonas Brothers announced that they were getting back together, millions of adults, like myself, found themselves transported back to their childhood — at peak fangirl heights. So with the Jonas Brothers celebrating the release of their new album…