Sarah J. Mass’ fans rejoice! The Throne of Glass series is headed to Hulu! The streaming service is developing Queen of Shadows, an epic fantasy adventure TV series based on the books. The Mark Gordon Company will serve as the studio for the project, with Kira Snyder (The 100), setRead More →


Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come to fruition. Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle chatted with TVLine about the new season, including about Oliver and Felicity’s romantic relationship as we head into the series’ fifth season. As one would expect following the lack of resolutionRead More →

As Supergirl flies to The CW for its second season, it’s bringing with it a ton of excitement. That excitement includes introducing Kara’s famous cousin, The Man of Steel. But that’s also something that has some fans worried. Given that this is Supergirl’s story, as the show title so clearlyRead More →

It’s almost time! It’s almost time! If you don’t know what I am talking about – it’s almost time for the return of fall television. We’re excited and at the same time – scared because there is just so much goodness this fall that we aren’t sure how we willRead More →

With all the information about the various Spider-Man: Homecoming character being released, the cast is rounding out nicely, so much so that it was discovered today that Bokeem Woodbine would be playing the role of The Shocker. While by no means a big-named villain, as we assume Michael Keaton’s VultureRead More →

When we talk about the flawless people of our time – one of the first names that jumps to mind is Jennifer Lawrence. Flawless hair, flawless jawline, flawless cheekbones – Jennifer Lawrence has it. We’re poor and there is no way that we can ever afford Dior, but we’re obsessedRead More →

Fear the Walking Dead’s “Do Not Disturb” released the BAMF we knew was waiting inside Alicia, gave us a brief glimpse of the employee of the apocalypse, and reminded us that Chris is on the fast train to being as crazy as Lizzie from The Walking Dead. Look at theRead More →

What’s it like taking on the storied mantle of Superman? How did Tyler Hoechlin even land the role? Much more easily than we previously thought. As reported in Entertainment Weekly, Hoechlin’s turn as Superman might have us all abuzz, but he didn’t have to go through a lengthy and gruelingRead More →

Maia has been cast in Shadowhunters TV. We’re excited to see a character that we love in the show. We’re not going to say that we’re not scared, because who knows how she will change, but we are happy to have her. #Shadowhunters Season 2 Casting Announcement Update: If youRead More →

Do I have a 4K TV? Nope. Do I even know what that is? Nope. Am I going to buy all four of The Hunger Games movies 4K series, complete with exciting special features, in four times the resolution for the brightest most vivid and realistic color? Yes. That’s noRead More →