If you’re like us, you’ve been rewatching Frozen II on Disney+ over and over again and are thankful for them dropping it early. On March 14th the streaming service tweeted – It’s here! #Frozen2 is now streaming on #DisneyPlus in the US. Coming to Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New ZealandRead More →


In a world where I am terrified right now, I keep looking for the happy in anything. For me, that means watching and reading things that. make me happy. Frozen has always been something that has added light to my life. We’re celebrating the Frozen looks that were created byRead More →

Not going to lie, I thought Mulan was a shoe in for a PG rating. Live action Disney films that we originally animated don’t get above a PG rating. It is the first live action Disney Film to receive at PG-13 rating since Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men TellRead More →

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is now out on Digital, and it’s set to be released on Blue Ray on February 25th, which means this is the perfect time to do a giveaway, isn’t it? Though, to be fair, there’s never a bad time for a giveaway. Especially not of this brilliant, amazingRead More →

Frozen II has been a massive success for Disney Animation and how could it not be? It took elements of the beloved first film and really pushed the boundaries in creating a sequel that felt fresh and gave us even more of our favorite characters. I was ecstatic to beRead More →

We can’t wait for Mulan. We love a live action remake. Disney released posters for Liu Yifei as Mulan, Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Yoson An as Checn Honghui, Jet Li as The Emperor, Gong Li as Xian Liang, and Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan. If you look closely in the photos you can see the reflection of Mulan inRead More →

We’re a sucker for a British actor. Give us that accent and we’ll give you our heart and our hormones. We’re thrilled that the adaptation of Cinderella has cast it’s Prince and he’s one of our favorites. Nicholas Galitizine is going to be Prince Robert and we couldn’t be moreRead More →

We’re just over here anxiously awaiting two live action movies – The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. We’re even more excited for Cinderella now that the fairy godmother has been cast. Billie Porter has been cast in the adaptation as the fairy godmother and he had some good information to giveRead More →

2019 in film was an interesting one. We had to say goodbye to a few franchises and some favorite characters. We got maybe too many sequels, even if they wound up being better than the previous one. But we also were given some truly original movies told from points ofRead More →

Look, I wanted the songs too. I wanted the Mulan from my childhood. And yet, when the trailer ends with Mulan woving that she’ll “bring honor to us all,” my eyes filled with tears. Perhaps I also want this. Perhaps, I can still keep the Mulan of “I’ll Make ARead More →

The world wide phenomenon of Frozen is back with a second installment that is better than the first one. The movie starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel takes you on a journey of self discovery while teaching young viewers valuable lessons about life. Every character was given time to shineRead More →

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. But where other people like the scary aspects of the holiday, I prefer the ones that remind me of childhood: costumes, candy, pumpkin carving, and fun decorations. Due to this more nostalgic vibe, my favorite Halloween movies and shows all are ones I’veRead More →

We’re excited for Julie Murphy. The author’s newest book, Dear Sweet Pea, has been optioned by Disney. The book is on Disney Channel Original Movie slate. If you aren’t familiar with Julie’s works, you need to pick up Dumplin’ and watch the adaptation on Netflix. She’s an amazing writer. IfRead More →