From nobodies to legends. A new trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow features a focus on our eight misfits coming together and realizing that they are capable of making a difference. Making a difference and saving the world. When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seenRead More →


I’m sorry …what? You were talking? Because we really can’t form any coherent sentences in the face of all this ….well, all this…Hook. Let us just stare at it for a bit longer. Join us. Okay, fine. we’re back. Sort of. Season 5B of Once Upon A Time is stillRead More →

Life is full of hardships that really test your character and strength. Where hardships push you to the edge where you teeter between what’s right and what you know is wrong and yet you feel compelled to act upon in a moment of heated rage. It’s called being human. OrRead More →

With The Royals second season winding down and so long without word on a third season, we were beginning to get a little worried that E! wouldn’t renew one of our favorite guilty pleasures. But fret not because E! has officially renewed The Royals for a 10-episode season 3. “WeRead More →

“Be All My Sins Remembered” is the eighth episode of season 2 of this drama-filled show. That means the season is coming to an end soon, and I am very upset about that. I look forward to the weekly mayhem. I was a huge fan of the transitions of thisRead More →

Whatever you think about The Kardashians, one has to admit that those women work hard. Their level of success doesn’t just come from sitting there and twiddling your thumbs. Yes, sometimes it’s annoying that everything that they are everywhere all the time, but hey – use that as motivation forRead More →

There are things that just make your morning and you can’t help but smile. So as we journey into this first Monday of the new year, Spike decided that we all needed to smile. So they released a clip of Channing Tatum on Lip Sync battle and his “Let ItRead More →

We’re kind of obsessing over Rachel Platten. It all started with a car commercial playing her song, “Fight Song.” We became obsessed over that song for days – playing it over and over again – embracing the empowerment that we felt. Then came finding her song “Congratulations” on line. It’sRead More →